Five Comic Book Heroes You Must Follow

Five Comic Book Heroes You Must Follow

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Everyone, whether nine or 89 years old, loves all comic book heroes; without them we would all be lost. After all, who would save all those damsels from falling off of tall buildings, fight villains who hold the world ransom, and redirect the course of rivers to avoid natural disaster? In fact, they have become such an institution that whether you are talking about films, cartoons or comic books, superheroes are mentioned everywhere.

In the world of digital comics, here are five profound comic book heroes ready to save your day – and don’t mind dying for the honor of trying.


Shaped in Cleveland, Ohio circa 1933, the most obvious superhero has lived up to his potential throughout the last 71 years. He’s famous for many reasons, loved and idolized by millions and will continually be the centerpiece for all other heroes created in the future. Since Superman is older than the cosmos, it’ll be hard to retire him – unless some epic ending is planned. Which is improbable since both creators are dead, and taking their vision to another dimension would be completely disrespectful to both Superman and the creators.

Alex Hawking

He may look more boy band material than superstar, but that’s what Alex Hawking of Biowars knows best: taking his seemingly boyish, sheepish looks and helping expose evildoings behind The Combine, an anti-humanity organization destined to destroy everyone biologically. He wields no sword, bears an average frame, yet possesses just enough knowledge to evade attackers and form alliances necessary to throw anyone’s evil plot into discord. Faced with extinction or evolvement, Alex reminds us all to tap into our inner hero.


Unluckiest of the five comic book heroes, Daredevil has surmounted scrutiny, imprisonment, the loss of several girlfriends and even a wife turned mutant to become an excellent adversary against evildoers. Bullseye, one of many enemies he’s constantly putting in check, is responsible for most of Daredevil’s mishaps, yet this hasn’t stopped comic book readers from idolizing the red-suited superhero, nor has it stopped Ben Affleck from acting out his life.

The Flash

When not quarreling with Mirror Master or unthawing Captain Cold, The Flash spends time on his cosmic treadmill and works on perfecting the art which signifies his name: running faster than anything around, vibrating his molecular composition to pass through walls, and helping humanity sleep peacefully another night. Barry Allen, the character’s original namesake, was recently reintroduced to the comic book series after several others took his place during an extended, undisclosed hiatus.


With an incredibly strong adamantium skeletal composition, claws that can rip vehicles apart and the heart of twenty lions, Wolverine is perhaps comic book lore’s most angry warrior. He’ll instigate fights to prove his strength, save damsels from monstrosities, and really only wants to become human again. Although his quick regeneration of injuries and nearly flawless battle record do sound appealing to readers, sometimes being human isn’t so bad. Much like the movie, Wolverine harbors deep-rooted disdain for Magneto, although they’re both indirectly fighting the same battle – and comic book heroes in their own strange ways.

Comic books move, inspire and help pass the time. Most comics circulating today have great superheroes, yet these five comic book heroes take first prize in terms of tenacity, storyline and their individual quests towards stardom.


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