Luxury Road Tripping In Mercedes RVs

Luxury Road Tripping In Mercedes RVs

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Competing within a Winnebago dominated marketplace may prove difficult for Mercedes RV builders, especially since one would expect price tags to enter the seven digit area. Introducing Class C motorhomes with Mercedes Benz’s excellent tradition of strong framework and luxurious interior design, prepared to send Coachline and other RV manufacturers over the edge. Packed with numerous layout options, patented Mercedes chassis and tons of family fun, refuting whose king of RV production would be rather difficult given German engineering has always reigned supreme in moving vehicles. The model above somewhat resembles Transformer characters.

Interior Domination

Like many classic recreational conveyances, showers and sink areas come standard inside Class C RV’s Mercedes puts out.  Full closet spacing, comfortable benches with eating table compliment the kitchen area, comfortable to standup in considering 80” separates floor to ceiling. Texture choices include fabric or leatherette accents with brushed nickel-plated finish, adorned by accent lighting around the entire interior area. Finally, when one gets dreary-eyed and wishes to nap, hide-a-bed sofa area and air mattress stowed away from view make everyone comfortable. Mercedes poured plenty of wondrous living features, expecting many retirees to purchase this dream home.

Let’s not forget, of course, the included LCD television with 5 additional optional televisions possible, antenna booster to tune in roving stations and cable-readiness prewired.  In other words, the next road trip in this beast will be like you never left home.

Highway Driving

While everyone is enjoying their smooth Class C ride, front seat dwellers receive Pioneer touch screen satellite capable radios, heated mirrors and black leatherette captain’s chairs in most models. Towing capacity of 3,500 pounds allow secondary vehicles to come along for vacation. Under the hood, BlueTEC™ Turbo Diesel propels the power-hungry 3.0L V6 atop Sprinter 3500 chassis. Just over 5 tons of gross vehicle weight means hitting inanimate objects wouldn’t harm the passengers while 188 horsepower seems slightly sheepish for larger RV’s such as the Benz provides.

Mercedes Pricing

Since nothing spectacular aside from chassis and engine configuration were borrowed alongside the Mercedes Benz name, pricing for these smaller motor homes begins around $50k without many options, with dealerships adjusting prices depending on floor plans, motor upgrades or whatever bells and whistles your heart desires. Some have sold in the upper $200k range with numerous televisions, higher tech design and more towing capacity yet realistically speaking one should expect high $70k’s. Scanning the internet for used editions would provide local RV sales sites.

A Name Worthy Of Global Travel

Mercedes won’t begin pitching recreational vehicles through press conferences, news advertisements or fancy commercials; however, those customers who’ve tried Winnebago motor coaches and prefer something more indicative of higher tastes should definitely jump inside Mercedes Class C RV’s as the expectations you set for interior quality, cabin space, bedding comfort and driving will inevitably be met or amassed. Pricing, for what it’s worth, is relatively competitive to major recreational vehicle players yet also continues upward when better options are chosen.

Mercedes Benz, again, impressed our research findings with RV lineups otherwise not offered by luxury competition, one telltale sign that this German auto group intends to compete on all levels, including Mercedes RV offerings.


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