Why Missing Comic Con is a Mistake

Why Missing Comic Con is a Mistake

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Conventions of any sort provide more than twenty thousand savvy attendees – they offer an avenue where people can network with each other, offer advice and attend seminars to better educate newcomers on insider secrets. Comic book conventions offer an exclusive method of trading comics, or even selling off your dusty old Flash Gordon collection.

Whether you’re just planning for your first ever comic convention, or are an old hand, you can always benefit from visiting all Comic Con fiestas often. Failing to attend these conventions could be detrimental to your comical health, and here’s why.

Not all releases are advertised – or in print

Imagine missing an important DC Comic release which fills in missing pieces of your favorite series. Perhaps you didn’t know that Biowars updated their biological warfare storyline, or that it was released via digital download only. San Diego’s Comic Con, perhaps one of the more widely advertised of all conventions, often releases sensitive information only available when attending their convention. Don’t be some wimpy schmuck that can’t tell his girlfriend, or her boyfriend, that Comic Con means the world to you, and accentuate the point that new releases are expected which are mission critical to your life.

You’ll miss the biggest buyers at Comic Con

Tired of fees charged by online selling platforms, and feel your comic is worth more than life itself? Comic buffs spend thousands, and even tens of thousands, on used comic books that hold sentimental value. Moreover, comics aren’t the only thing traded: costumes, movies and anything relevant to characters idolized in comic books are traded freely amongst those attending comic cons. Missing this convention is like spitting in the face of opportunity.

You’ll never learn cool stuff

Ever wondered the easiest way to make a comic book yourself, but didn’t have the guts to research? Been trying for years to learn authentic Jedi mind tricks, but never quite understood the telekinetic side of things? Comic Cons feature spectacular presentations, seminars for the aspiring comic book creator, and loads of memories you simply cannot find sitting on your duff, eating popcorn and watching Friends. Besides, you may miss the opportunity to meet major comic book reps from DC and Marvel, or the actual comic illustrators themselves.

Foregoing an exciting gift giving opportunity is just mean

While many find shopping challenging, it is helpful to know that there are a number of things every modern comic book collector should own or have access to in order to make their hobby more personable. These are the items that, if lost, should compel you to go out and immediately replace – but how many of you can say you actually have went gift browsing at comic conventions? Replacing a lost issue of Superman that’s worth several hundred dollars would surely make your loved one happy; you don’t have to be a comic book aficionado to pay attention to what your beau appreciates the most.

Comic Con happens all year long in some states, whereas summer is pretty standard to hold these large meetings in Midwestern states. Collector, spectator or bargain shopper, you simply cannot miss something as epic as stadiums filled with comic buffs waiting to share their passion with likeminded individuals like yourself. If you can manage to flock towards San Diego, their Comic Con is rumored to be the event of a lifetime.


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