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SEO expert, writer and all-around great guy. When I'm not writing for various online blogs, I'm working towards building public records websites where people can find things quick and easy. Follow me on G+ and What Info for more about my works and perks.

SEO expert, writer and all-around great guy. When I'm not writing for various online blogs, I'm working towards building public records websites where people can find things quick and easy. Follow me on G+ and What Info for more about my works and perks.

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mesothelioma survival rates

Mesothelioma survival rates, even knowing that most mesothelioma cases are protracted, have still yet to improve despite advancements in medicine designed to spot early warning signs of this harrowing disease. While medical advancements are wonderful for everyone, technological advances need to speed things up before more lives are lost.

Mesothelioma Litigation Abuse?

Take Bestwall LLC, a subsidiary of Georgia Pacific, who just filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy while citing abuses in tort system. While certainly no local economy wants companies folding, litigation is necessary to help improve mesothelioma survival rates. This, too, forces companies to change manufacturing processes so future cases are minimal.

But are excessive claims ‘tainting’ the system?

Many law firms were started for the sole purpose of winning large settlements for clients – many who ‘claim’ they were injured, or related to family that was injured, due to asbestos exposure. Bestwall has felt the fury of hundreds of money-hungry claimants seeking financial awards exceeding six figures or more. This adds up quickly.

While the victories are adding up quickly, one cannot help but wonder if many of these claims are illegitimate. Especially since many mesothelioma law firms seem to beg people to step forward.

See, many companies will settle out of court simply to make their problems go away. Settling out of court doesn’t promise manufacturing processes will change – they only mean victims have been made whole. Several months down the road, when a company sends more retired folk into the community, these claims again increase because methods of production never changed.

Since 1977, it is estimated $2.9 billion has been paid to satisfy 430,000 suits. Bestwall, of late, has defended 80% of all mesothelioma suits. Most, of course, being settled before trial. The average mesothelioma case settlement? $1 – $1.4 million. Ouch.

Why Litigation Increases Mesothelioma Survival Rates

The law is designed to prevent abuse of ’cause and effect’. When pharmaceutical companies fail to disclose side effects, litigation gets them compliant. As such, litigating mesothelioma cases in large quantities doesn’t just happen for monetary reasons: the goal is bringing asbestos-abusing manufacturers into compliance.

The more compliant companies like Bestwall are, the more mesothelioma survival rates will improve.

Developing drugs and researching potential cures for lungs damaged by asbestos are perhaps more important, yet are roads less traveled in court.

Research costs money. Many companies who deal with substances that cause mesothelioma spend excess revenues on product development rather than setting aside funds to research.

Until our government totally outlaws the use of asbestos, courtrooms will continue to hear mesothelioma cases. It is the hope that eventually companies will either go broke, or start doing something about it.

Bear in mind that many companies existing today stopped using asbestos, so mesothelioma survival rates are improving; lawyers are going back as far as the statue of limitations allows to try and recover funds for in-laws, outlaws or anyone with a believable case of mesothelioma exposure.

Make no mistake: companies are fighting back these claims, especially ones that lack merit or irrefutable evidence. Johnson & Johnson won in a jury trial against a woman claiming their talc-based products were ‘tainted’ and responsible for asbestos fibers ingested by the plaintiff.

However, many cases don’t go so well for defendants.

In my opinion, more cases need litigated for the sole purpose of waking companies up. Because, as we all know, there’s no value one can put on human life. And the end game is increasing mesothelioma survival rates by decreasing asbestos-based fibers in manufacturing.

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In an era where digital cash is taking form, we explore how Bitcoin can help complementary currencies to complete the ‘missions impossible’.

Complementary currencies have been playing a vital role in human beings’ currency antiquity since before the Great Depression era. Bitcoin is compared to ‘the next World Wide Web’, according to the operations officer of Paymium, the company credited for launching the first Bitcoin exchange in Bitcoin eco-system. What specifically caused two otherwise irrelevant currencies to cross paths, along with the specifics behind how Bitcoin may help complementary currencies to complete ‘missions impossible’, are answered below in an in-depth analysis of an odd enterprise that may just save the digital cash realm.

New prospects for complementary currencies from Bitcoin

Bitcoin brings alternative (otherwise called ‘complementary’) currency back to the table again. As some of the crypto units of accounts become media’s favorites, such as Bitcoin, questioning whether the rise of multiple currency ecosystems are unlocking both greater economic growth and socioeconomic inclusions for the planet or not become commonplace. The idea of multiple currencies selected, like tools from a tool box relative to the task at hand, makes sense when looking at the digital currency space. There is no reason to see them as a threat to existing fiat currency systems, national or otherwise, as more choice often merits more opportunity.

Furthermore, complementary currencies can adapt the innovative digital features for their own use. The Bitcoin protocol specifies how to build and maintain a distributed database of transactions on the internet. It’s only a matter of ‘when’ governmental agencies will step in to mandate protocols, block chains and acceptable transactions, not ‘why’.

Bitcoin, turning the heads of banks and even IBM, is slowly carving its initials in the world of finance, although many bugs still exist at the blockchain discovery level. In particular, Bitcoin can greatly enhance the efficacy of money transfer where it is lacking, such as the existing alternative/complementary currency communities.

How Bitcoin-like technology and complementary currencies unite

Currently, most of the circulating complementary currency and Bitcoin 2.0 systems are constrained in one region or within one community; the introduction of Bitcoin-like technology can help these currencies to overcome this hurdle and transact with each other freely. Colored coin is a good example to illustrate how this could be achieved. ColoredCoins is an open standard protocol, operating on top of the Bitcoin protocol, that allows coloring of the coins so that people can hold different and numerous assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin is an amazing protocol, but the only asset you can hold on Bitcoin is the BTC.

With ColoredCoins, foreign exchange or precious metals investors may bear viable assets like USD, GBP and Gold while housing different securities on cloud-based servers which are decentralized yet secure. To illustrate, if peer C holds Chiemgauer (a German regional complementary currency) and peer W holds WIR (a Swiss regional complementary currency), they can exchange those assets by communicating only with each other in a secure, direct and transparent way without any third parties involved.

Can cryptography and the decentralized computer network compare to traditional complementary money?

Currency exchanges are published then signed digitally using a cryptographically generated key pairing structure. Signatures by private keys ensure the title of property to any given amount of Bitcoin: knowledge of the private key associated to the receiving address is required to send a part or the whole of any transaction output. The Bitcoin transaction database holds all the necessary information for an address owner to receive and spend any amount of Bitcoin: the database and the communication protocol together bring to life a new electronic currency.

Technically speaking, the Bitcoin protocol is actually safe when viewing the system holistically as opposed to the flaws found in smaller sections. If we’re comparing apples to oranges, more risks occur when making use of online wallets or exchanges as those systems have been attacked effectively, and frequently, so we really cannot blame the entire process.

Distributed systems such as the backbone infrastructure of the Internet itself have shown far stronger than the more vulnerable centralized architectures. Disparate people collaborating in a distributed network have managed to survive many attacks.

Types of complementary currencies on the market

The idea of money is believed to have risen from the ritual of giving presents, which is a feature of many primitive societies. From purely giving, more elaborate system of gift-exchange arose. Cowry shells are among the earlier man’s most treasured possessions. From 1200-800 BC, Cowry money has been circulated in China and in India. Cowry has been found in association with coins from sites dating from the first Century AD.

The global history of money is filled with local color. The ‘Miracle of Wörgl’ is a good example from great depression. It was started on July 31, 1932, with the issuing of “Certified Compensation Bills”, a form of currency commonly known as Stamp Scrip, or Freigeld. An experiment that transpired nearly 90 years ago results in a staggering growth in employment and meant that local government projects such as new houses, a reservoir, a ski jump and a bridge could all be completed, seemingly defying the Great Depression being felt by the rest of the world. Inflation and deflation are also reputed to have been non-existent for the duration of the experiment.

81 years later, in Prien am Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany, Chiemgauer is introduced by Christian Gelleri as a regional currency. According to Christian, Chiemgauer is intended for employment creation, promotion of culture, promotion of sustainability, strengthening the solidarity, stimulation of local economy and express money. There are also some local currencies in UK, Luxembourg and Argentina, such as Lewes, Totnes, Proyecto Mutuo and Brixton pounds, but to date none has taken off. Why the Chiemgauer is so successful, it has to be with the number of shops and materials involved in the Chiemgauer system.

More importantly, the real differentiating point for Chiemgauer is a special feature of it. It automatically loses value if you don’t spend it. Unlike traditional money that can be saved, the Chiemgauer is only valid for three months – the idea being that it must be spent, thereby boosting the local economy. If the notes aren’t spent, they can be renewed by buying a stamp that costs 2% of the note’s face value – so over a year, the currency depreciates 8%. Notes can be renewed up to seven times.

Another example of successfully managed regional-focused complementary currency is WIR in Switzerland. WIR (GER Wirtschaftsring-Genossenschaft), is an independent complementary currency system in Switzerland that serves businesses in hospitality, construction, manufacturing, retail and professional services, now is being called WIR Bank. WIR issues and manages a private currency, called the WIR Franc, which is used, in combination with Swiss Franc to generate dual-currency transactions. The WIR Franc is an electronic currency reflected in clients’ trade accounts and there is no paper money. The use of this currency results in increased sales, cash flow and profits for a qualified participant.

With an increased volatility that many banks are prepared to deal with, it’s hard to portend how long complementary currencies will last into the twenty first century, or if some other self-professed currency based loosely off prehistoric financial instruments doesn’t come along first.

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New York City, New York –  Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is slated to close its highly touted Windows Live Messenger, referred to as MSN Messenger, in October. Although its popularity is rather hard to gauge with Yahoo Messenger the default product for many old school internet users and today’s Google Talk the ‘go to’ source, MSN Messenger did enjoy an illustrious run.

At first the company planned to shift MSN users to Skype in 2013 but the service was continued in China. This is going to change from October 31. Users in China will have to move to Skype as well.

Windows Live Messenger was launched fifteen years ago in 1999 to compete with the AIM service of AOL. According to the Verge, this puts the two computing giants head to head in a fight to become the most popular live messenger service provider.

Five years ago, MSN Messenger had more than three hundred and thirty million users and was the preferred choice of many teenagers.

When the program became popular, Microsoft started adding more features to it to ensure that its attractions remain undiminished for users. These features included games, a nudge function and custom emoticons. The nudge function could be used to grab the attention of a friend.

The Windows Live Messenger’s popularity began to decrease after MSN bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2012. As Skype gained popularity, an increasing number of users started to shift from MSN Messenger to Skype. In 2012 Skype had almost 300 million users as a result of its rapidly increasing popularity.

MSN messenger was introduced in China in 2005 and since then it has been competing with other services in the country like QQ Messenger.  Most users are defaulting to Google Talk or Skype, leaving the oft forgotten MSN product on the shelf.

Users of MSN messenger in China got an email from Microsoft on Thursday in which they were notified about the upcoming closure. According to Chinese newspapers, users in China were offered free Skype credits if they decided to move to this live messenger service.

BBC’s Dave Lee said that just like social networking, MSN messenger attracted many teenagers because it offered so many features in addition to chatting live on the internet.

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Where is residential real estate headed in 2014? Prognosticators should heed a cautionary mantra to always “expect the unexpected.” However, the emergence of a variety of stabilizing influences in the market should make predicting 2014 real estate trends a reasonably reliable endeavor.

Especially when that ‘endeavor’ includes renting upscale apartments.

When your days renting apartments have become gloomy and renting an upscale apartment in New York City sounds more like your dish, you’ll enter new unchartered waters as an apartment home owner. While making the outright initial purchase may seem slightly costly, the benefits that come with apartment homes ownership are unreal. Here we review the most common reasons why people find these awesome rentals in The Big Apple to be perfectly suitable for their faster lifestyles while offering benefits unbeknownst to apartment renters.

Each Apartment is Value Packed

While the actual investment into apartment homes means you’re wrapped into responsibility for a few decades, the value packed inside apartment homes ownership is bar-none the best value for the buck. For example, many apartment homes communities have maintenance fees that correlate with your purchase which cuts down on your need to mow lawns or fix driveways. Next, the longer you own your apartment homes, the more value builds over time which means your resale value will shoot the moon. Finally, even if maintenance is required, many units are built efficiently enough to proffer lower maintenance needs.

Great For Subletting

Should business or other travails take you away for several months or longer, you can sublet your newly purchased apartment homes and not only keep up on your payments but maybe make a few bucks on the side. Since you’ll put furniture into the apartment homes, you’ll be able to rent it furnished which tends to drive up rental rates. Many people eat up this massive benefit of renting an upscale apartment in New York City.

Excellent Neighborhoods

Not often will people who start massive amounts of havoc will put down the necessary funds to purchase an apartment home, and this trend is nearly provable. Most apartment homes complexes have retirees, working families or single professionals which are nearly always quiet and scoff at the first sight of trouble. When buying apartment homes in The Big Apple, you’ll probably notice this fact yourself.

Pros Far Outweigh Cons

Very few derogatory reasons exist that would stop people from buying apartment homes. The maintenance fees are justifiable, performing due diligence before renting can be free of charge if you require the potential renter to pull their own credit bureau report and police reports and keeping renters from leaving means going that extra mile when interviewing them. When renting an upscale apartment in New York City, you can locate one that is suitable for your lifestyle, budget and contains neighbors that are indicative of your preferred standard of living and interactivity.

The cliché says home is where the heart is. People usually attribute it to be a place where one could find comfort, relaxation and safety. Only that some people may overlook the fact that the apartment should also be the place where one could live a healthy life. Compile a list of items and habits that should be living with you in your home to make it an even much better place – and you, the resident of an exquisite New York City apartment, a much healthier one.

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A court bond applies to law much like regular bonds in building or finance. In our court system, different bonds are issued to folks accused of crimes, guardians, assets and several other key areas. A court bond is issued to assure that an order is enforced or to make sure people appear in court when they’re slated. In other words, bonds are given by the court to assure that orders in family, civil and criminal court are followed. If anyone fails to follow the terms of the court bond, the judge may seek a warrant for your arrest.

The most common types of court bonds include the Bail bond, Appeal Bond, Fiduciary Bond, Probate Bond, Custodian Bond, Executor Bond, and Guardianship Bond. Before we discuss each type of court bond, let’s learn why courts are forced to issue these bonds and who may need them.

Why do Courts Issue Bonds?

Many people refer to court issued bonds as ‘getting bailed out of jail’ bonds. This is correct, although judges and clerks will issue bonds for many other reasons in addition to ‘bonding’ suspects out of jail. For example, estates that are owned by loved ones when they pass away have guardians to manage funds; in that situation, bonds are offered to protect the best interests of every family member. In the event guardians aren’t named in a living will, courts will name guardians; again, a specific type of bond is issued for this situation as well.

Knowing what your place is within the court system will help you decide what type of bond you will need to buy. Below are seven kinds of court bonds issued and what purpose they serve:

Bail bond

When you’ve been detained and charged with a crime, you’ll either receive a fixed bond or the judge will appoint a dollar amount which is equal to the crime and your criminal record. Upon posting the court bond, you will leave jail after being processed. You will then appear for a court date. If you fail to appear for court, expect your bond and any future bond rights to get revoked. These types of court bonds are issued more than all court bonds combined.

Appeal Bond

After court cases have been ruled on, judges will issue a final order of judgment which includes money that is owed to the courts or a person. If a person is not happy with this judgment, they have the right to an appeal. An appeal bond that’s worth 100%-110% of the final judgment will be purchased to assure the appeal isn’t a playful attempt to stall payments owed to the court. It is because of court bonds that our legal system has stopped being abused or deceived by those found guilty of crimes.

Fiduciary Bond

The fiduciary bond protects anyone that needs to be supervised from having money or property abused. Guardians in charge of personal needs don’t have to be bonded; however, guardians in charge of property must be bonded to assure they follow court rules and don’t mistreat property. In most cases, a fiduciary bond is issued to folks under 18 years of age and seniors that can’t take care of their own needs. This court bond is issued when judges hire a guardian in child and elderly court cases.

Probate Bond (also called an “Executor Bond”)

The probate bond is another type of court bond that helps enforce an order. When a person passes away, they will need someone to perform the steps in their living will. A probate bond pledges that an executor will carry out the steps according to the needs of the deceased. Before any property or money can be given to family members or those listed in the living will, proof that you bought a bond must be shown to the court. These court bonds can be issued whether or not an executor was named in the will.

Custodian Bond (also called a “Guardianship Bond”)

Custodian bonds are issued when someone is in need of a guardian. Disabled folks, children and elderly folks often need a guardian when they can’t take care of themselves. Courts require a custodian bond to protect folks against fraud and being abused. The value of this bond always meets or exceeds the total value of the minor’s or disabled person’s assets. Because the guardian is liable for a person’s welfare, these court bonds are key in family law.  You can also see the financial side of court bonds by reading our fiduciary bonds, notary bonds, and appeal bonds piece.

Know your Court Bonds

When you’re in trouble and need to get out of jail, a bond is offered for you. Should your loved one pass away and leave you in charge of their financial affairs, a bond will be made available to you. Many different scenes in courts may require bonding in order to satisfy a judge’s order. You can prepare yourself before buying a bond by knowing the many court bond types. For more info, contact us to learn more about any bond you may need. We will answer your request as soon as possible.

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So, you just get yourself an Adsense account to help monetize your website’s traffic. You fully read their disclosures, see that currently they offer a 68% revenue share on clicks, and practically let them read you the ‘riot act’ just to get paid from them – if you can even manage to get a payment from them within a few months of effort. You are doing everything right, then you wake up one day, pour yourself some coffee, and read your inbox. In a fit of rage, you scroll down to read an email basically shows how Google just reamed you.  Without lube or a Happy Meal.

You really have no idea what you did. Sure, you may advertise your website globally and drive traffic in various formats, but was it really something you did? Never really is – unless you decide to join some click exchange which, you were told, was illegal. However, for the rest of us, we really never know the reason. And we’ll never get proof that we even did wrong, even if you beg for it.

Because What Info is totally self-sufficient (yes, a 45 hour a week job), I am going to break down several points that are featured in the boilerplate Adsense ‘your screwed’ email. Then, perhaps you can find other ways to monetize your traffic and get the pay you deserve!

Adsense’s Record Review

I’m sure that some readers think that you have some manila file folder with your name on it, and some Middle Easterner (who primarily handle these accounts) is reading them on a random basis, determining if you are a risk, live in a city they don’t like, have questionable material – then, ultimately – banning accounts. This is not the case at all. Google uses their highly decorated – and relatively inaccurate – algorithm and determine, based on PAST, similar activity, whether your website could be engaging in detrimental click campaigns that could possibly bilk advertisers out of money.  If you’re not sure if your website is banned from Adsense, check your site here.

Protect Our Advertisers

That is about the lamest excuse I could possibly ever read. Advertisers can load their accounts full of money and it would all be for naught unless you – the consumer – clicked on the ad. And if someone clicks on your ad in a search query, it is because it drew interest. Therefore, the vested interest should REALLY be in the consumer and the publisher because Adsense publishers waste their time, effort and skill in optimizing their own sites – which THEY are paying for – to have a match for advertisers in their niche. The only entity being protected in the Google scheme is Google themselves. Why? Your clicks pay their bills, and empower them to take over mass amount of digital media.

Fully Refunded

Again, this is pure hogwash. There is no possible way you can prove WHO gets their money back. Unless you can find an advertiser and ask them, “Hey, I had a click generated from your ad, could you please check to make sure that you got your $.29 back?”. In fact, Google KNOWS you will not ask them; and, Google also cannot possibly give ALL the advertiser’s money back because there is very little proof that a specific amount was taken because the click data advertisers have DO NOT contain IP information to track, nor cookies, or anything. It is strictly you and the advertiser’s word against Google, which you already know where that is going.

Go ahead…ask a fellow advertiser if they got refunded when Google whacked their account.  Report your results here.

68% Adsense Revenue

Am I the only one that has researched exactly how much the keywords you are getting paid for are worth and match it to your supposed ‘68% share’? It’s a false hope, people. Because first, you really cannot verify what keywords you are getting paid for, and second – if you could even manage to turn on your Whodini skills enough to figure it out, there is no way to gauge if the current cost per click is accurate at the moment. So, if you are clicking a $1.00 keyword, you should receive 68%, or $0.68 in theory. Sorry, that is just not the case.

In Conclusion

There are many other ways to monetize your website and we have free content that you can read to find out just how. Google is the czar of the internet at the moment; if they say you are a high rank, you are – if they wish you to be banished, then it becomes just that. Until someone can slap a search tax on Google annually for having personal info in searches, and until someone else can dominate the search galaxy, Google will continually impose it’s will on you and your internet business, like it or not. Publishers will lose every time, just know this up front.

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For the most part, society will relate the word ‘bonds’ with getting friends or family out of jail. Three bonds that are used in courts of law, which are the fiduciary bond, notary bond and appeal bond, are much different. These court issued bonds protect money, the appeal process and help notaries do the job right. You will find info about these bonds below, including who and what they apply to.

Fiduciary Bonds

A fiduciary (fi-doo-shee-er-ee) is a person that has a fiscal duty to protect the welfare of others where property or money are involved. For example, if a young child loses his or her parents and no one can help them make choices, a fiduciary would step in. So, a fiduciary bond is simply a court bond that makes sure the person liable for another person’s assets does their job. This bond is vital before a ward of an estate or person takes an oath to watch over another person or entity, and their money. State laws will vary, although the process of getting a bond is the same in most states. Young children, disabled people and seniors may need a fiduciary to help them make wise money choices, pay bills and so on.

Just how much your fiduciary bond is worth depends on many factors. It’s normal to buy this bond in an amount equal to the estate or more than its value. The final decision as to how much your bond must be bought for is up to the judge. Since a person will have full control over money and property, a credit check is part of the process of getting a fiduciary bond. You may need to submit info for a criminal background check as well, although a bond agent can help you learn more about the process. Anyone that will present themselves before the court should buy fiduciary bonds after seeing how much the judge may require.

Notary Bonds

Dating back to the Roman Era, the notary public is the oldest legal body known to man. Notaries have the task of making forms and signatures legal, which the forms will then get filed with county courts. Since a notary must be trusted with a stamp that has the seal of their state, a notary bond must be bought after a person gets sworn into their new job. The reason a notary bond gets issued is because vital forms such as a power of attorney need a special stamp to certify them. Most bonds will be in an amount between $500 and not more than $25,000, with the final value subject to the state that sells the bond.

A notary bond doesn’t protect a notary since the public can’t harm them. This form of insurance protects the general public against notary fraud and abuse of vital records or forms. If an injury would occur due to a notary’s abuse of power, the notary bond will pay the victims and strip the notary of their title. Since the Secretary of State hires a notary and gives them a stamp to use, a notary will have to prove they’re good enough to hold the title and get a bond. Having a felony on your record will not prevent you from being a notary and getting a notary bond, although some states make a petty crime grounds for ending their contract. Check with a bond agent to learn about rules and costs involved with notary bonds.

Appeal Bonds

Not all will agree with a judge’s final decision in court. In both civil and criminal courts, a judgment means that money or property must be returned to the State or victims. An appeal bond has one purpose: to make sure an appeal isn’t done out of spite and to make sure the court or victim is paid money owed. When an offender appeals, the appeal bond covers 100-110% of the final order. This type of bond is hard to get since both credit and property are taken into account when screening applicants for coverage. If an applicant has bad credit, they will not be denied coverage though they may need to make larger payments. People that have civil or criminal court cases and wish to appeal should apply for an appeal bond.

Federal court rules and stay court rules are the same when it comes to an appeal bond. First, the person that wishes to appeal the judgment will signal their intention to the court. Next, the judge will order a bond to be placed on the appeal worth the exact amount owed to victims or the state. Finally, the person will wait for the outcome of the appeal and either get the bond money returned, or pay the full amount of the case. After the appeal process is done, the order is final and cannot be argued further. Talk to an agent if you need to buy an appeal bond since time is a big factor in the process.

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cheap domain registration hosting

The diverse array of cheap domain registration hosting providers seemingly never ends.

For burgeoning startups around the world, the saying holds true that “You don’t exist till you exist online.” New businesses around the globe are seeking out cheap domain registration hosting for their first website. Today’s startups want a clean, attractive site that is intuitive and versatile to use.

Cheap domain registration hosting players

Many options exist in this realm. For years now GoDaddy has been the industry leader; and today they still have a large percentage of overall market share for cheap domain registration hosting.

But the game has recently changed. Google has announced Google Domains, its first service to provide cheap domain registration hosting to individuals and businesses alike. Like most of Google’s similar services, they haven’t worked out the kinks yet, allowing initial user feedback to shape the service for the future.

If you are one of the ones lucky enough to get an invitation to Google Domains in these first days of the service, you can see firsthand what all the fuss is about, whether they have a leg up on the competition with regard to options, service, and usability. Till the service is widely available, many other established players are on the market.

The industry built up around the provision of cheap domain registration hosting includes the aforementioned giant GoDaddy, as well as smaller services like Hover, NameCheap, 1&1, and Name. Because the services they offer are similar, each has tried to differentiate itself in various ways.

NameCheap, for example, provides truly economical cheap domain registration hosting, but not the cheapest in the business. They offer customers truly great customer service as well as free email and an ever changing array of inexpensive or free add-ons.

1&1 accentuates their protection of your private information, which is a wonderful consideration in this day and age. They also provide free domain transfer, if your startup wants to transfer some elements of your present web space. These guys also have what may be the cheapest price for a year subscription.

It’s best to do your own research when seeking out cheap domain registration hosting for your startup. New companies emerge on the market all the time and, if you find them early, you set yourself up to enjoy great benefits and attentive, personalized service.

Back to Google. Their service won’t be the cheapest, I can promise you that, but Google claims to offer stability and reliability that their competition cannon. In addition, you’ll get up to 100 email aliases and easy domain transfer if you have some other web site affiliated with your company that you presently on. While not the lowest price, Google places itself firmly within the realm of cheap domain registration hosting, and it worth a look.

Wrapping up

Startups have to weigh cost against service when seeking out a new domain. Service becomes truly important when transferring a domain because of the potential navigational problems that can emerge. It can be a complicated business making sure that customers trying to access certain pages on your old site get redirected to the correct pages on your new site. Having customer service that is reliably accessible by phone or email is invaluable. Companies like Hover have a reputation for excelling in just this area, but other companies boast the same. As always, it’s best to do your own research. Ask your friends and peers and find the one that is the best for you.

The search for the best in cheap domain registration hosting can be somewhat challenging for those just beginning to look. For startups, your website is the portal by which most of your customers will find and get in touch with you. These are just some of the options available to you and your startup. A little research will get your company the option that is best for you.

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car insurance quotes Utah


Tired of auto insurance costs consuming your retirement savings? Do you live in constant fear you’ll not have sufficient vehicle insurance when you are unable to care for yourself due to rising costs? You’re not alone; however, there’s hope for retirees, seniors and even those on the cusp of both.

Millions of current baby boomers and even future retirees are threatened with the possibility of either being denied car or simply not being able to afford it for themselves or their loved ones. However, we’ve found several places where you can find car insurance quotes Utah retirees can trust; here’s what we found.


Even though Utah has pretty difficult insurance regulations (not to mention rock formations) to navigate, this technologically conceived insurance company has what seniors need to feel equal to their younger counterparts.  With AllState backing this company, the future looks excellent for those seniors needing car insurance quotes Utah state law makes mandatory.  Customer support will respond immediately when Utahans have questions regarding discounts applicable to their situation, such as AAA membership and perhaps even military retiree.

All told, we deem this company the best of all current carriers.  One major hindrance that site visits may notice is that live chat isn’t available, which is rather vital when phone lines are tied up.  For an insurance company, this isn’t acceptable.


Stephanie Courtney has made millions endorsing this insurance company, and she’s made it abundantly clear anyone seeking car insurance quotes Utah and 49 other states require can find the best price with Progressive.  Yes, they’ve got an impressive ‘name your price’ tool; one major caveat we noticed, again, is the lack of online chat support – remember, not all seniors can hear clearly or have TDD phones.

Apart from Progressive’s customer support snafu, the company offers affordable PLPD and full coverage options for retirees with one or more vehicles, recreational conveyances and so forth. Much like we discussed before about car insurance in South Dakota, bundling will save seniors seeking initial car insurance quotes Utah offers a bundle with Progressive and similar companies.


Prudential’s initial car insurance offering cost 3 cents a week when they first started out. While the company couldn’t possibly offer insurance for Utahans at this rate today, they’re still among the elite in terms of affordability. Initially, the company went by an interesting name: “The Widows and Orphans Friendly Society”, and was officially incorporated as an insurance entity circa 1875.  Millions of seniors that require accurate car insurance quotes Utah buyers can get online come from Prudential, which gives unbelievable discounts for many situations.

When we investigated their past criticisms, we didn’t discover too many underlying issues with customer service communication, though it seemed their car insurance billing is by far their most prevalent complaint.  When contacting them via phone, we didn’t get this feeling of overwhelming excitement that other companies had given us previously.  Overall, they’re middle of the pack in terms of price and offerings, yet seem to really care for Utah’s senior drivers.

Finding competitive car insurance quotes Utah retirees can afford

Although there’s no ‘hard and fast’ method we suggest when searching for car insurance, one thing we can attest to is the quote process should be quick and concise.  Many companies can pull your DMV records through the quote and also access an insurance credit file to determine if you’ve ever defaulted on insurance previously.  You would find this more convenient when finalizing your purchase.

Overall, remember your budget parameters, and never overpay for insurance.  Don’t add Roadside Assistance, for example, when you already have AAA membership.  Search online for car insurance quotes Utah retirees like yourself use frequently, and go with your gut instinct always.


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