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As a digital marketer and online content writer, Tin likes to share her insights on a variety of topics. Her interests include writing about health and dental care, home improvement, business, and personal development.

As a digital marketer and online content writer, Tin likes to share her insights on a variety of topics. Her interests include writing about health and dental care, home improvement, business, and personal development.

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What's the rigmarole over gluten-free?


The enthusiasm surrounding the idea of a gluten-free diet has increased immensely over the past decade. So many people are now either gluten-free or considering limiting their consumption of the substance. As for those who just hear about it once in a while, gluten and wheat are one and the same (it can also be found in barley, rye, oat, and triticale). You’ll be surprised to know even beauty products can contain gluten, which is why there are gluten-free makeup brands. But why are people so scared of gluten?

1. Celiac Disease

The first and most obvious reason why someone would avoid gluten is celiac disease, caused by an adverse reaction to gliadin, one of the two proteins that make up gluten. Once inside your bloodstream, the immune system forms antibodies against gliadin. That’s not so bad. But the problem is that gliadin mimics the molecular structure of the cells lining the gut, which means that the antibodies attack your body as well. That is why celiac disease is classified under autoimmune diseases.

This immune reaction can bring about the degeneration of the intestinal wall, leading to nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, anemia, and several other degenerative issues. And the issue gets worse when you consider that some people with celiac disease go undiagnosed because they don’t develop abdominal symptoms. They could only be experiencing fatigue, anemia, or worse – the double risk of premature death.

2. Gluten Sensitivity

You would think celiac diseases already had that covered! Unfortunately, there is another adverse reaction to gluten referred to as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (or gluten intolerance). Although there is no clear definition, it means that celiac disease is not present, but you have a bad reaction to gluten anyway. The effect subsides when you are on a gluten-free diet.

Recently, a lot of experts have documented gluten sensitivities that are unrelated to celiac diseases, but we still have much to learn about this condition. Most of the symptoms are the same as those of celiac disease – including stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Glutent free goodness. Find out the facts.

3. Increased Intestinal Permeability

You may have heard the words “leaky gut” somewhere. It basically means that your gut lets unwanted substances pass through to end up in the bloodstream. The gut has a very comprehensive border control mechanism that allows only the digested nutrients to enter the bloodstream while keeping away anything else.

However, the inflammation caused by gluten disrupts this system and loosens the pathways between cells in the gut such that too much stuff can get through. Remember, we swallow food every day and along with it millions of random bacteria, viruses, and other indigestible molecules (like dust) that you wouldn’t want in your bloodstream.

4. Brain Disorders

Not the precious brain! Many neurological illnesses have been linked to gluten consumption in what is known as gluten-sensitive idiopathic neuropathy. One study published in NCBI found that non-celiac gluten sensitivity triggered neuroinflammation, gut-brain axis dysfunction, and vulnerability to dementia.

Many patients with brain illnesses experience a significant improvement when they switch to a gluten-free diet. They know it is their best chance at living right while ridding themselves of a horrific brain disorder. Besides just brain fog and fatigue as a symptom of both celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, it may increase vulnerability to other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, autism, and epilepsy. These disorders show improvements in some people who adopt a gluten-free diet.

It doesn’t mean, however, that gluten is the cause of all mental illnesses. We all know that mental health is extremely complicated, and so is the rest of the human body.

There’s a lot more to be said about gluten. The following infographic we found on can help you better understand the issues surrounding it including how to avoid hidden sources of gluten if you intend to eliminate it from your diet.

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ayodeji onibalusi

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, here’s the definition of defamation:

Generally, defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation, and published “with fault,” meaning as a result of negligence or malice

What happens when you wake up to find that the following has been posted about you?

Most people cower in fear, I’m sure, and entire businesses and careers have been destroyed solely due to defamatory remarks like this.

For those who don’t know just how dangerous this is, I’m from Nigeria; Nigeria has a sort of reputation for 419 scams, also known as “advanced fee fraud”, and it has been making great progress in cleaning this reputation.

Currently the biggest country in Africa, Nigeria is slowly and successfully cleaning up its reputation and international perception as far as advanced fee fraud is concerned; it’s now internationally recognized as the biggest economy in Africa, the most populous nation in Africa and a country renowned for its talent across industries and unique achievements of its citizens.

However, Nigerian or not, ANYBODY will be saddened to wake up to see that someone has FALSELY labelled you a scammer, especially when this is a reputation your country has been slowly and successfully cleaning off.

More importantly, you’d want to lose hope in humanity when you realize that the person behind such defamatory remarks against you is someone you hired to work for you, whom you paid half of his fees in advance but who failed to deliver work you paid for.

This is the exact situation I found myself in when I hired Ayodeji Onibalusi to work for me, on the 13th of January this year.

Ayodeji Onibalusi is apparently from The Sudan, so I found out.

He is a purported “writer”, and I hired him to write and publish guest posts for me on top publications and blogs.

I agreed to start with a $350 project to test the waters, and he requested that I send him part payment before he proceeds with work.

I sent him $170 advance payment, with the balance of $180 to be made upon publication of the article he is working on.

David promised that the article will be live within 5 days of payment to him, but it became clear to me that he is a scammer after over a month and nothing has been done.

I later found out that Ayodeji Onibalusi was a fraud; he’s been convicted in the past of theft, domestic violence and battery.

I felt bad for not doing due research before giving him work.

I wouldn’t have minded, though, until I saw the unexpected when I requested that David refund money I paid him for work he promised to do but didn’t do; I hired him to write and publish guest posts on behalf of my clients, but he couldn’t even show me proof that he has written a word of the article I paid him to write after a month of paying him, let alone submitting the article to any blog for publication.

Instead, Ayodeji went ahead to Ripoff Report, posted defamatory remarks about me calling me a 419 scammer from Nigeria, and he sent me a message telling me about this.

Here’s a timeline of the events as they happened (with screenshot proofs):

1. I posted a job offer on oDesk (now Upwork) looking for someone who can do guest posts on my behalf.

2. Ayodeji applied to my job offer, and we continued communication via oDesk’s messaging system.

4. I sent him part payment as agreed, and he told me that he will start working ASAP and that the article will be published soon. He made me believe the article will be live within 5 days.

He tried blaming it on the Easter holiday. Think of it, he already had two weeks! Besides, this is something I’m experienced with as well, so that excuse doesn’t hold water.

6. Since two weeks had gone by, when I had initially expected the guest post to go live in 5 days, I needed to show the client something as a sign that progress is being made; so I told him to at least send me the draft article that was submitted to the blog for publication.

He initially didn’t respond for 4 days, and when I told him I’ll ask for a refund if this persists he responded and told me that I’ll see progress on Sunday; Sunday came and still no progress, and his next excuse was that he was lenient on price and charges his American clients more.

7. When I insisted that he send me a draft of the article he wrote so that my client can at least see that something is being done, he responded by telling me he’ll have to retrieve it from “the queue”.

This is 3 weeks after paying him in part, yet nothing has been done.

8. Still no update, and he didn’t send me a draft of the article as well; two days later he told me that the article will be live the following day.

The next day, after waiting the whole day for the article to be live and seeing nothing, I asked him what is happening and he told me the editors of the blog he submitted the guest post to should have notified me; he further asked me to check my spam folder.

Ayodeji Onibalusi, pretending to be Rafael M, sent me this defamatory message on May 5; I did a Google search for my name and found out that, true to his word, he had posted defamatory and libellous accusations about me on Ripoff Report and another site.

Who Really is Ayodeji Onibalusi? Digging Deeper.

Saddened by this development, I decided to dig deeper into who Ayodeji Onibalusi really is.

On the surface, he was another average guy, who has contributed to several reputable sites, has a contributor account on Huffington Post (which was later terminated), is active online and owns the blog

However, when I dug deeper, it became clear that Ayodeji Onibalusi is another scammer and hardened criminal.

On November 1, 2007, Ayodeji Onibalusi was charged with fraud against a financial institution; he tricked an ATM machine into giving him cash he didn’t own. On April 24, 2008, Ayodeji Onibalusi was further convicted of theft and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. I’m not making this up, and the records are readily available online; you can see for yourself here.

Furthermore, Ayodeji Onibalusi was convicted of domestic violence and domestic battery against his partner in July, 2005.

He later tried to absolve himself by claiming to be a “good man” who “made a mistake”, but a history of domestic violence and battery in 2005, fraud against a financial institution in 2007, theft in 2008 and now scam, extortion and defamation in 2015 shows he’s anything but a good man. It seems to be in his blood.

Now, maybe he felt he will get away with this since he’s attacking a foreigner, from a country like Nigeria no less, but he’s wrong.

I dug further and found out that I won’t be the first person he has scammed; he has scammed countless others who have posted about him on Ripoff Report, and other scam reporting sites.

I do have screenshots of what has been posted about him and his scamming activities across the internet.

Then you have it again; he’s being reported here as a scammer as well.

Most people he has scammed probably didn’t have a platform to expose him, or maybe they do not want to go to the hassle.

He probably felt I will cower because I’m Nigerian, but I won’t; I’m proud to be Nigerian, and my country is slowly and successfully proving to the world that better things than 419 scams can come out of this country.

Ayodeji Onibalusi has failed this time around, and he has been exposed for what he really is; a scammer, convicted fraudster, convicted thief, female beater, domestic abuser and heartless crude.

What Will I Do Next

When this kind of attack is made on your reputation, especially by a heartless convicted felon, to say it has no effect will be an understatement.

I was disappointed when I saw this; Ayodeji Onibalusi could have simply ignored my message and refuse to refund me, but to post defamatory remarks about me online is too much.

One of the core services I offer here, and that I’ve offered to clients in the past, is reputation management, so I’ll be taking a series of steps to fix this as well.

Here are the steps I’ll be taking to clean up this mess:

1. I’ll be suing Ayodeji Onibalusi for defamation; Ayodeji Onibalusi messed with the wrong person. The convicted felon he is should have tried rebuilding his character or remain hidden, but not only is he swindling others of their hard-earned money, but he’s also on a quest to damage reputations.

Now that I have proof that this is his handiwork, I’ll be suing Ayodeji Onibalusi for defamation and extortion.

Hopefully, this teaches him and others like him that there’s a limit one mustn’t cross.

2. I’ll seek a court order to ensure this is removed; it will be difficult to simply get Google to remove this, so I’ll seek a court order to establish it is defamation, and I’ll send this to Google and Ripoff Report to get them to remove this false posting about me.

3. I’ll build up my profile: At the time of writing this, his defamatory posting on Ripoff Report is ranking on number 5 page 2 in Google, and number 6 page 1 in Bing for my name.

A much stronger profile would have made this impossible.

There are crooks and miscreants everywhere, and there’s an abundance of them online; having a strong presence online and taking preemptive measures against actions like this can go a long way.

What You Can Learn From This

There’s a lot you can learn from this experience as well. Here are some tips:

1. Do your due research before hiring anybody; a thief will always be a thief, and when you find out someone you’ll be working with has been convinced of theft and/or other similar crimes, even if you were to work with that person, the last thing you want to do is pay that person anything upfront.

2. Always require samples before hiring anybody; unfortunately, this was a mistake I had made. When I initially asked Ayodeji Onibalusi for samples of his guest posts on other sites, he said an article of his had been deleted when he gave it to someone as a sample.

Now that I think of it, not only does that sound ridiculous but it was a red flag that I was dealing with a miscreant.

3. Build your online profiles; through blogs, interviews, social media profiles and other relevant mentions on authoritative sites, make sure you have a dominant profile online. This way, if someone decides to attack your reputation, you’d at least be protected until you can defend yourself.


Have you been falsely attacked online before? How did you respond? Kindly share in the comments.

*I will provide screen shots to anyone who requests them – let’s stop this 419 scammer!!*

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    domain parking

    Throughout your tenure in domain name ownership, you’ll uncover several strategies to get site visitors targeted towards your domain parking pages – many which lack legitimacy, some which could get domains blacklisted from search engines. Blacklisting means domains are now worthless. Sometimes you’ll work towards generating traffic which pulls type-ins, or you’ll keyword optimize single-page content with your advertisements scattered across your page.

    As we head into an era with PageRank presumably gone, let’s look into the world of legit optimization tactics for domain owners looking solely towards parking monetization. Remember to always read each domain parking company’s terms before engaging.

    Enhance Domain Keywords

    Because type-ins rarely happen anymore, you must ensure your site is keyword enhanced for the search engines like Google, and image optimized for Bing searches. For nearly any new domain name, using low competition words will help you to get placed near the top of some search engines and supply necessary traffic prepared to engage your secondary ad channels.

    For people who’ve developed a web-based presence within several online groups or forums, doing a number of optimization methods day, and monitoring their progress, will progressively build your domain presence. Exceeding single category inclusion provides an equivocal chance of domains being found during different consumer searches. Keywords should be frugally yet accurately chosen.

    Reinvesting Domain Parking Earnings

    Among the greatest benefits of advertising domain names online is you don’t always need to pay with money upfront, or of any minimum amount, to proceed with monetizing your domain names. Instead, you could reinvest a percentage of your parking revenue back into search marketing, where applicable and allowed by parking sites. This really is very good news since it implies that virtually anyone can begin monetizing their domains provided they can expound additional time, and effort, in learning SEO.

    You have to consider several factors before determining what’s good for you as well as your domain parking business, along with what’s allowed by various parking companies. Incrementally building domain parking revenue takes time, patience, and plenty of reinvestment.

    Article Promotion

    Article promotion can be achieved with little, if any, web advertising costs upfront. Based on your ability to write plausible content for other websites, you could keyword inject domain names into your content, or in author bio area, to increase search positioning. Provided the site administrators are okay with your promotional methods, parking revenue could significantly increase simply by writing for other web blogs, otherwise considered guest blogging.


    Social networks allow individuals with plenty of connections, and domain names, to suggest visitation. This needs time to work because you need to concentrate on building associations using people of various walks, business interests or interest in your domain’s potential. You need to be careful you don’t attempt to ‘Sell your Lunch’, or else you will simply make people mad and make them think you’re spamming. You could suggest everyone ‘Like’ your domain in Facebook by making a business page for it.  For further reading, I suggest ready my Social Bookmarking Ethics for Dummies piece.

    Rules Are Rules

    Every domain parking company will specify rules for promoting your domain. Before following any optimization advice found abroad, make sure you’ve read the T’s and C’s of Afternic, Sedo, or your favorite domain parking hub. Risking domain bans isn’t worthwhile simply because you want more money, or quicker search engine inclusion.

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    Newport, Wales – As Russian forces continue imposing their will amidst a Moscow-issued cease fire, much of the world is turning their attention to the ISIS regime and their second beheading, wondering just how much President Obama will bend before an all-out assault is ordered.  While the NATO has indicated their willingness to fund a peaceful resolve in Ukraine, reports of ISIS sects taking pilgrimage along the Mexican border is causing panic that many hope Obama is prepared to quell.

    An imminent threat to Texas and much of southern United States involves an ISIS partnership with MS-13, a Mexican drug cartel known for their violence and vast network inside America.  A pairing of these two forces could put more pressure on Obama to make sweeping changes to our American-Mexican border that many believe should include a deeper military presence.  The U.S. Army 1st Armored Division, located on the Texas-New Mexico border in Fort Bliss, is frighteningly close to these terrorist cells forming in Mexico.  These and many more contingencies should be discussed in candid detail amongst worldwide leaders during the NATO summit.

    During his recent Estonian visit enroute to the Summit, Obama indicated his resolve was ‘stiffened’ and that America’s long arm of justice would be invoked to help remind fellow citizens that ‘we never forget’.  Although it will undoubtedly take time before ISIS is thoroughly analyzed, some are wondering whether Obama’s resolve is truly as aggressive as it should be.  Freelance journalist and Time contributor Steve Sotloff was just one of many casualties – or sacrifices – of a war ISIS is warning America to stay out of.  After the first beheading of James Foley, Obama publicly responded to the death – then went to play golf.

    Among other items on the itinerary during the two-day summit include Afghanistan, Ukraine and the ISIS crisis.  The Wall Street Journal reports worldwide leaders will be agreeing on a Readiness Action Plan that will entail the development of a special NATO force comprising of several thousand troops with the ability to respond within two days of any crisis notice.  It’s also expected that NATO, as a whole, will finally address the issue of a declining military spending habit.

    Signing ceremony for the Danish Precision Guided Munitions Initiative, along with a bilateral meeting between the NATO Secretary General and the President of Georgia, are just some of the marquee NATO events according to their event program. This year’s summit is expected to be the largest gathering of worldwide leaders on British soil, according to the United Kingdom government.  As seen in the photo, over 9,000 policemen are on patrol for this event.

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    Regular dental visits are essential to maintain the overall good condition of your kid’s dental health. Checkups are also necessary to help promote excellent oral care and  dental habits. However, some children simply find the thought of visiting a dentist scary – imagine lying on a chair, being surrounded with dental equipment you don’t know the use for, and a dentist probing at the inside of your mouth. It’s pretty normal to get scared – even adults experience this. But to help your kid’s future dental visits to be more comfortable, the tips below might help to make him more relaxed when going on dental checkups.

    Start early

    The key to instilling good oral habits to our children is via starting young. Children can have their first dental visits as early as when they have their first visible tooth. Remember, you are trying to provide your child with a ‘dental home’ where he can be sure to get professional attention from dental experts.

    Aim to be a good role model to your kids

    Being a good dental role model to your children can definitely help them minimize their fear of the dentist. You can help them be more familiar with dental visits by bringing them to your next routine checkup. Having them watch the entire process will make them feel more relaxed with the new surroundings. And showing your child how you felt great about your teeth afterwards and how easy the process was when you were being examined can surely help address his concerns or anxiety of going to his personal dental visits. Of course, being a good role model at home in terms of your oral care and hygiene can also aid in forming healthy dental practices in your children.

    Keep a positive attitude

    You might have a bad experience yourself in your previous checkups, but it’s best not to open up about it to your child, especially if he’s already feeling anxious of his dental visit. Always keep a positive attitude when explaining details about a particular treatment or process. Just explain the basics and let the dentist handle the discussion on more complicated questions that your child may have. Dentists are well-trained to explain different dental processes and treatments in words that are easily understandable and not overwhelming to the kids.

    Find a trusted pediatric dentist

    You might have to search for a Melbourne dental hospital that offers pediatric dentistry as one of its services. Dentists here usually have a background in handling nervous and young patients, offering their patients with a calm and comfortable clinic environment. Last but not the least, many dental clinics also offer a personalized dental appointment based on the child’s personality and age, providing them with encouraging and positive reinforcement to aid them in their future dental visits.

    Don’t give too many promises

    One of the common mistakes of parents is that they over placate their children’s feelings towards dental visits by giving too many promises. While it’s good to encourage children to attend their checkups, remember not to give too many promises that might be misleading to the children. For instance, “everything will be comfortable” might be too much if your child is having his first tooth extraction. Your child might just lose his trust in you and also the dentist if he ends up experiencing just the opposite. So remember to encourage through positive words but also be clear with their expectations on some of the scenarios they might encounter.

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    Once again, it looks like the e-commerce world is preparing to get rocked by another IPO, this time from the likes of China-based Alibaba.  Although the source of this news leak remains unidentified, its determined that this will hit the markets during the second week of September.

    Should the date have some semblance of accuracy, the trading would commence around the third or fourth week of September.  This could result in a huge rally for tech stock investors and followers given the fact iPhone 6 should be launched around the same time.  Initially, the reports were obscure as to when an actually initial public offering would launch since many attempts to gain insight have been shot down by Alibaba reps.

    The company is expected to raise roughly $20B from their publically offered stock, trumping Facebook’s previous largest U.S. IPO.  A recently overhauled Yahoo controls 22.6% of Alibaba in the Chinese direct from manufacturer site.  NYSE is slated to list the company under the ticker symbol ‘BABA’.

    Officially founded in 1999, many equate Alibaba to ‘an Amazon for OEM suppliers’.  Since many Americans remain unfamiliar with exactly what Alibaba does, perhaps reading their mission statement would provide clarity before being bamboozled by their stock brokers to purchase shares in this billion dollar megacorp.  In fact, Alibaba is shopped by over 300 million people, nearly enough to fill America soil.

    Jack Ma, China’s answer to Bill Gates, is the founding father of the company.  According to literature on the company’s website, they envision their customer base actually working, meeting and growing with Alibaba over the next 102 years, give or take.  The business model is simple: match OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with suppliers in various countries at a reduced, bulk rate; most products are electronics similar to name brands like Sony and Beats with prices drastically reducing as the number of pieces ordered increases.

    Requests for interviews were not immediately answered at the time of this article’s publication.

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    In April of 2012, Bard College hosted an academic conference focusing on a philosophical treatise by private scholar David Birnbaum. Twelve months later, that same conference would set off a firestorm of academic censure, personal attacks and outrage from the collegiate establishment. In what can only be described as an attack upon intellectual freedom and critical thinking, Mr. Birnbaum and anyone brave enough to stand for the intellectual and academic legitimacy of the conference would become the target of libel and character defamation.

    Aggressively protected by establishment academic circles, the Theory of Randomness postulates that everything in the universe is simply a random occurrence. Vociferously championed by entrenched academics and atheists alike, Randomness seeks to remove the possibility of the spiritual or metaphysical from any universal theory of creation.

    Detractors of this theory are quick to point out, however, the inherent intellectual laziness of Randomness. Ensconced within a scientific lexicon, Randomness does little in the way of actual universal explanation – using the blanket theory of “it is simply random” in lieu of logical or material evidence to support and explain. In short, the Theory of Randomness fallaciously uses its own entrenched academic position to self-prove itself.

    Understanding Summa Metaphysica

    By contrast, Mr. Birnbaum has introduced a unifying theory in his work, Summa Metaphysica. Far from excluding the concept or rightful place of chaos theory, Mr. Birnbaum’s work presents it in its proportionate place alongside philosophical and metaphysical theory. Meaning, that while randomness plays-a-part, it is not the over-riding governing cosmic dynamic, which, in turn obviously yields apparent pattern and design in the cosmic order. Such is the common-sense, self-evident nature of Summa Metaphysic’s Theory of Potential.

    While any new, divergent theory is, rightfully, subject to intense scrutiny – it is the nature of the attacks upon Summa Metaphysica which are suspect. Indeed, the intellectual core of the Theory of Potential seems not to have been criticized at all. Ever. What has transpired, however, has been a relentless string of ad hominem attacks upon any academic brave enough to express confidence in Potential Theory.

    Following the conference in 2012, the panelists, the chairman of the conference and even Bard’s President, Leon Botstein, began being pressured by the entrenched academic establishment to distance themselves from the conference and its validity. Mr. Birnbaum himself would be contacted in April of 2013 by a co-chair of the conference, professor Garry Hagberg, and be advised that Professor Hagberg had been in contact with the ‘British academic hierarchy‘ advising him he would need to distance himself from the conference or face academic ruin and isolation. Within the next month, Professor Hagberg, several conference panelists, Dr. Bruce Chilton (chairman of the conference) and the President of Bard itself would all distance themselves from any public support of their very own conference.

    However, one panelist stood fast against the intimidation of the academic establishment – Bard Professor of History Gennady Shkliarevsky. Professor Shkliarevsky publicly criticized President Botstein for both abandoning support of the conference and for orchestrating participants to do likewise. Professor Shkliarevsky’s defense notwithstanding, President Botstein’s capitulation to what amounts to external academic coercion has done lasting damage to Bard’s intellectual reputation and integrity.

    For his part, Mr. Birnbaum retained high-level legal representation and brought threat of libel and defamation suits against Bard to force it to halt its campaign of discrediting its own conference at the behest of the orthodox academic establishment. Birnbaum also posted online his own set of the conference videotapes, much to the chagrin of Bard which vainly sought to both block the tapes and close down Birnbaum’s very own conference site.

    Intellectual Challenges?

    While intellectual challenge to any new theory is expected, even encouraged, it begs the question: Why has the academic establishment chosen ad hominem attacks against proponents of Infinite Potential Theory instead of challenging the theory itself directly? Is it perhaps because the theory is too strong? Too elegant? A lethal threat to Randomness Theory? All of the above?

    Is the Randomness Theory just a ‘house of cards’? Is the Randomness Theory just a 21st century version of ‘the Emperor’s Clothes‘?

    Infinite Potential is, indeed, a quite-powerful threat to the establishment’s Randomness theory. Ad hominem is a fallacious attack against the messenger when it is intellectually inadvisable to attack the message directly. Where Randomness offers lexical gymnastics, obscure mathematics and circular arguments; Infinite Potential offers self-evident, common sense answers and a unifying theory where religion, science and the metaphysical can coexist cooperatively. Where Randomness postulates that neither religion nor spirituality have any place in reality, Infinite Potential offers a ‘space’ and architecture where all may coexist peacefully and logically. Infinite Potential offers a bridge between the religious, the unknown and the scientific just as a Unifying Theory of Physics offers scientists a bridge between the macroscopic and sub-atomic.

    Despite the virulent personal attacks and threats from the orthodox academic establishment, Birnbaum and his supporters have not only refused to retreat, but have, indeed, doubled down. With his own global set of steadfast academic backers, his philosophy works used at over a dozen colleges, international media focus on him, an international academic email list boasting some two million members, and a theory which has proved unassailable for over twenty-five years, Mr. Birnbaum commands a strong position on the global academic chessboard. He is quietly confident that he will prevail. Reviews by the British press, unlike the British academic establishment, have characterized his work thus far as “remarkable” and “profound”. Birnbaum supporters points out that the opposition – Randomness – is more the absence of a theory, than a bona fide theory.

    In Conclusion

    Whether Bard will stand on the right side of scientific history might still remain to be seen; however, their pretentious standing on the wrong side of intellectualism has already been established and if the fallacious attacks of Summa Metaphysica’s proponents are any indicator, history will not be kind to Bard.

    Albert Einstein made the iconic observation that “God does not play dice with the universe.” Summa Metaphysica is in accord. Indeed, it plays-out Einstein’s maxim. Via its Theory of Potential Birnbaum, is tenaciously and steadfastly executing a dramatic global paradigm challenge.

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    In 1915, Alexander Graham Bell sent the first transcontinental telephone call in the United States, from New York and was received by his assistant Thomas A. He didn’t know that, nearly 100 years later, the internet would transform communication-based marketing campaigns.

    The internet. By and large, this massive medium is the most innovative platform that companies have ever had to use for their marketing efforts as it reaches a vast number of people in a short amount of time, it’s an easy way to spread word of mouth and there are so many easy ways to advertise online, whether you’re doing it directly on your own company’s website or whether you are using backlinks and forum signatures to spread the word about your product, company, or service.

    Due to the Internet’s ease of use, and the fact there are many online marketing tools at your disposal, it’s important to know which marketing campaigns will work and which aren’t worth sparing room for in your online marketing budget. Here are some quick looks at some of today’s still popular advertising routes that people often choose when considering their online marketing needs in relation to their online marketing budget.

    An introduction to marketing campaigns

    Just like any other type of marketing, online marketing campaigns work best as more people see it. Because of this, SEO, or search engine optimization, tools are very important because these will promote your website within the page ranking systems and your website will be viewed in order of your page rank. Because of this, things such as backlinks, keyword optimization, domain name statistics, and many other tools are available in order for you to be able to check out all the stats of your website to let you know how many people are visiting the site and this will provide you with needed information when it comes to determining how much of your online marketing budget you’ll want to spend on these services.

    The areas that are probably most important to consider when referring to your website and the tools for search engine optimization are Google PageRank, Alexa rank, subscribers, and Technorati. This is what most people measure the success of their online marketing by as it will provide information about how many people are visiting the website, and therefore how many people are your marketing efforts reaching.

    There are literally scores of services for any budget when it comes to SEO tools; how much money you spend will really depend on how much traffic your site is generating. Backlinks, for instance, are of major importance when referring to online marketing as these provide a link to your website on another website, and generally you would provide the same for them in return. However, having too many backlinks, or having a backlink that links to a site that has been penalized by Google could actually harm your website and decrease your page rank. Because of this, there are many services that will provide things such as guaranteed quality backlinks and customized search engine optimization for a fee.

    These fees vary depending on who you choose to deal with but they can be as little as $30/month or as much as $300/month. This is still a better option than contacting individual webmasters and asking them for a backlink on their site, which is not only time-consuming but can also end up costing thousands of dollars!

    You may even choose to do this before making any marketing campaigns on or to the site at all as it is a free service that will quickly break down your website, make suggestions for optimizing your website, and provide you with areas of focus. The analysis takes approximately one minute and afterwards, you are given a nice spreadsheet of what your website needs and can provide ideas on how to improve.

    There’s no doubt that if you’re really going to immerse yourself in the world of Search Engine Optimization, you will undoubtedly be busy finding hundreds of websites that will have the possibility of helping your improve your site’s SEO. There are many of these sites on the web and some will have general tips and tricks while others will provide additional products and services for a membership fee.  There’s even methods for monetizing your news website seamlessly which is another boost for your marketing campaigns.

    One is not always better than the other and it takes an evaluation of your website, its statistics and areas of improvement to decide on whether or not it would be in your best interest to run marketing campaigns.

    Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or Social Media?

    There’s no doubt that while there’s many venues that you can choose for your marketing campaigns, there are only a select few that will deliver the most bang for your buck. Google AdWords works by placing an advertisement on a website. The advertisement is yours if you have bid on a keyword and have won the bid. When people click on your ad after visiting a website, you will be charged for how many times the ad is clicked on. However, there is no charge simply for the advertisement appearing on the page. Bing Ads work in much the same way except the bidding process is a bit different and not as confidential, which is beneficial when bidding on important things such as keywords. Pay per click is actually part of both processes and is essentially how much you are willing to pay per click.

    This determines your bidding amount and the highest bidder wins so that the search engine can then make the most amount of money, in exchange for giving you an advertisement. Using a social networking site such as MySpace or Facebook can be a great way to advertise and can be done by simply filling in the profile for a company or filling it in to promote a specific product or service. There is also the opportunity to create groups within these networks, which you can create to promote your website or your business.

    Adwords, and more

    Google AdWords and Bing advertising are probably the two largest competitors that companies and webmasters look to for their advertising efforts. People who choose to use Bing advertising generally choose to do so because it’s much more bidder-friendly. You can place a maximum bid and Bing will increase your bid in only $0.01 increments at a time. You will always know exactly what you are bidding and who you are bidding against. Another advantage to Bing advertising is that Bing will only drop a keyword if it gets a very low ranking for a very long period of time. Google AdWords only have to sense a potential for decrease and it will drop the keyword, giving Bing users more CT security. In the end though, Bing users generally choose to be because of their higher conversion rates and the most potential for earnings.

    Google AdWords does have a rather ‘cloaked’ bidding system and a better potential for CT rankings being dropped. However, unlike Bing ads, if you want your ads to appear in different languages or countries, it’s simply a matter of choosing from a list of options. With Bing advertising however, you must register again every time you wish to change these options in your online marketing campaigns. In addition to this, there are many different headaches that come with changing these options in Bing. Google AdWords also offers many reports that break down the criteria that you need to know in an easy to understand format that they will deliver right to your email inbox.

    Bing offers the same type of reports but it’s your responsibility to sift through the paperwork to find what stats actually matter. While all of these certainly allow Google AdWords to hold an advantage over Bing advertising, the biggest reason companies choose to advertise with Google is because this search engine gets far more traffic than Bing and that reason is the bottom line behind the success of Google AdWords.

    0 43657
    In a time of economic uncertainty – with high unemployment rates and something like half of all businesses failing in the first five years – you really have to stand back and admire those who put their hats in the ring, their noses to the grindstone and their hearts on the line by starting a new venture.That venture, more often than not, will require technical support personnel if started online.However, there are more facets of tech support that corporations, small businesses and single entrepreneurs need for customer retention which are described below for your reference.

    Troubleshooting Skills for Web Hosts, for one

    Even with a slowly improving economy, having affordable web hosting company continues to be a major concern among businessmen. However, there are many opportunities that go unanswered because of a lack of qualified tech support. Most people have heard that growth in the technical fields is anticipated in the near future – the reason why tech support will continually thrive into 2020.

    Having fixed millions of computer and technology problems, from gadgets to server problems, is iTok. When your web host tech support fails you, these U.S. based gurus can handle everything you toss their way, and are the perfect example of how technical support should operate. We mention this because iTok has the troubleshooting skills others lack, and should be used as a prime example to follow.

    Handle tech support hiring when business begins

    When you first get your initial idea for your company, it is one of the most exciting and invigorating feelings in the world. However, if you have never done it before, you probably worry that you do not know the first things about how to start your company. Fortunately, the web makes much of the information you need within reach. You can learn the basics of what you need to start your business, and even learn the steps you need to take to get your company off the ground.

    Tech support should be among your first insourced hiring decisions, or your initial outsourced channel. Period.

    Finding your support needs under one roof

    Nowadays, just as many online businesses conduct their personal and professional operations from the comfort of a universal device, more and more customers are seeking to source a whole host of products from a single source. Why? Simply put, it is the sheer convenience of being able to acquire everything you need under one roof – tech support, of course, being the primary goal here.

    Tech support providers often times see their customers flock to other providers like iTok, who has compassion for everyone, because they try and find bits and pieces from several resources.

    Know customer needs, technically speaking

    Always be realistic and honest when working out what the most effective methods are to handle customers’ tech needs; from a consumer perspective, this is why tech support centers simply suck at times. For a lot of businesses nowadays, picking the right tech support company is a necessity – you need to get a good service, at a reasonable cost, and it needs to fit your customer needs without causing too much chaos throughout the process. The common denominator among all successful tech support personnel everywhere is the ability to develop a “whatever it takes” attitude.

    A support specialist is often expected to provide specifics results by a specific date, based on how a project was scoped. Projects managers ensure that the client’s requirements are met, the project is completed on time within budget and that everyone else is doing their job properly.


    Let me break through the mystery for you: nobody has more than 24 hours in a day. There’s no magic to getting things done, unless you consider earning enough money to hire an assistant “magical.” Big time achievers work hard, or at least worked hard at one point in their life so they could buy their time off. We’re not talking about trust fund babies here. We’re talking about honest-to-goodness success stories, flourishing small businesses, entrepreneurs who operate under the work ethic of, “I’ll stop when it’s done.

    Technical support, when outsourced properly, is perhaps the saving grace for small businesses that need to concentrate on other facets of daily operations – hire wisely, my friends.


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