Adsense: Publishers Lose Every Time

Adsense: Publishers Lose Every Time

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So, you just get yourself an Adsense account to help monetize your website’s traffic. You fully read their disclosures, see that currently they offer a 68% revenue share on clicks, and practically let them read you the ‘riot act’ just to get paid from them – if you can even manage to get a payment from them within a few months of effort. You are doing everything right, then you wake up one day, pour yourself some coffee, and read your inbox. In a fit of rage, you scroll down to read an email basically shows how Google just reamed you.  Without lube or a Happy Meal.

You really have no idea what you did. Sure, you may advertise your website globally and drive traffic in various formats, but was it really something you did? Never really is – unless you decide to join some click exchange which, you were told, was illegal. However, for the rest of us, we really never know the reason. And we’ll never get proof that we even did wrong, even if you beg for it.

Because What Info is totally self-sufficient (yes, a 45 hour a week job), I am going to break down several points that are featured in the boilerplate Adsense ‘your screwed’ email. Then, perhaps you can find other ways to monetize your traffic and get the pay you deserve!

Adsense’s Record Review

I’m sure that some readers think that you have some manila file folder with your name on it, and some Middle Easterner (who primarily handle these accounts) is reading them on a random basis, determining if you are a risk, live in a city they don’t like, have questionable material – then, ultimately – banning accounts. This is not the case at all. Google uses their highly decorated – and relatively inaccurate – algorithm and determine, based on PAST, similar activity, whether your website could be engaging in detrimental click campaigns that could possibly bilk advertisers out of money.  If you’re not sure if your website is banned from Adsense, check your site here.

Protect Our Advertisers

That is about the lamest excuse I could possibly ever read. Advertisers can load their accounts full of money and it would all be for naught unless you – the consumer – clicked on the ad. And if someone clicks on your ad in a search query, it is because it drew interest. Therefore, the vested interest should REALLY be in the consumer and the publisher because Adsense publishers waste their time, effort and skill in optimizing their own sites – which THEY are paying for – to have a match for advertisers in their niche. The only entity being protected in the Google scheme is Google themselves. Why? Your clicks pay their bills, and empower them to take over mass amount of digital media.

Fully Refunded

Again, this is pure hogwash. There is no possible way you can prove WHO gets their money back. Unless you can find an advertiser and ask them, “Hey, I had a click generated from your ad, could you please check to make sure that you got your $.29 back?”. In fact, Google KNOWS you will not ask them; and, Google also cannot possibly give ALL the advertiser’s money back because there is very little proof that a specific amount was taken because the click data advertisers have DO NOT contain IP information to track, nor cookies, or anything. It is strictly you and the advertiser’s word against Google, which you already know where that is going.

Go ahead…ask a fellow advertiser if they got refunded when Google whacked their account.  Report your results here.

68% Adsense Revenue

Am I the only one that has researched exactly how much the keywords you are getting paid for are worth and match it to your supposed ‘68% share’? It’s a false hope, people. Because first, you really cannot verify what keywords you are getting paid for, and second – if you could even manage to turn on your Whodini skills enough to figure it out, there is no way to gauge if the current cost per click is accurate at the moment. So, if you are clicking a $1.00 keyword, you should receive 68%, or $0.68 in theory. Sorry, that is just not the case.

In Conclusion

There are many other ways to monetize your website and we have free content that you can read to find out just how. Google is the czar of the internet at the moment; if they say you are a high rank, you are – if they wish you to be banished, then it becomes just that. Until someone can slap a search tax on Google annually for having personal info in searches, and until someone else can dominate the search galaxy, Google will continually impose it’s will on you and your internet business, like it or not. Publishers will lose every time, just know this up front.


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