Better Conference Calls Require Better Callers

Better Conference Calls Require Better Callers

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If better conference calls are in your repertoire of office changes in 2016, don’t simply ditch your old Lucent phone system – consider training your crew in better phone call decorum.

When Dollar General gives their 2015 earnings report via conference call, one can clearly see they’ve ‘done this before’. Same with anyone who frequently makes a conference call; it seems to come natural. So why are department heads struggling to make better conference calls even in 2016? Well, one may be inclined to blame their cheap phone system, but quite honestly, some are questioning whether it’s their staff that can’t properly handle themselves over the phone.

Here’s how managers can help their employees make better conference calls regardless how crappy their phone system is:

Make Employees Feel Relaxed

Finding great staff is one thing, but keeping them is a completely different battle. Once you’ve been through the recruitment drive and made your selection, it is absolutely vital that you do all that you can to keep those valuable employees happy and feeling comfortable – even while talking on the phone.

When making their first official conference call, it’s best to have the new employee sit alongside someone who is experienced and has great phone mannerism. Don’t pressure the employee to join the call until they’re completely satisfied they’ve mastered tone, distance from the phone and won’t get nervous if put on the spot. The more relaxed they feel, the better conference calls will turn out.

Give Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback always starts with good intentions. In business, it stems from the educator’s goals to help employees succeed in their field of expertise. In any online learning environment, despite the lack of a typical classroom teacher, instructors provide feedback to learners so they are aware of their performance and what they need to improve on. Teaching employees to make better conference calls from afar may seem impossible, but trust me, your feedback can help those learning how to make conference calls from 1,000 miles away improve not only their phone skills, it can help them to improve manners altogether.

Remove All Distractions From Room

One consideration may be the amount of distractions in the room during the conference call. Is there a bright glaring light coming in from outdoors? Is there a percolating coffee pot spitting it’s last ounce of water in the background? Whatever distraction are marring one’s phone call must be removed immediately – preferably before the call begins.

Other unneeded distractions may also include jokesters that like playing pranks (hazing) on employees. While fun is always great for keeping a fun work atmosphere, it has no place inside important conference call rooms.

Better Conference Calls Start with Better Training

Honestly, how well your conference calls with new employees go depends solely on their ability to adapt to training, and the manager’s ability to train.

To make better conference calls in 2016, it’s all about location, training and the employee’s willingness to learn. Combine these ingredients and you’ll have smooth and more productive conference calls before long.


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