Groupon and Social Media Work Well Together

Groupon and Social Media Work Well Together

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Groupon fans, let’s face it; you are reading this article because you have a really killer small business idea, have been scouring the internet all day looking for that one idea that would put you over the top, yet you end your day fixing dinner, watching a few hours of tube and going to bed, just to start all over again. I’m right there with you as for years I have tried a mixture of business ideas just to have the bottom fall out. In stepped Groupon, a mega savings site, to lead the online savings charge.

But, you ask, how will a Groupon save me, promote me, and give me a chance to push my product? Listen up, grasshopper, and I will make you privy to the combination of Groupon and all the social media channels available to you.

Get The Groupon Rolling

Obviously you need to have your product and website presence in tact. Browse our categories to learn more about optimization, if you will. The first step in this quest is to contact Groupon to bring your small business and/or products you want to Groupon-ize to their attention. They will assist in writing and implementation and the best part? IT COSTS NOTHING. They will profit when you profit – and yes, you will profit. They have sold well over 35 million groupons to this point and will stop and nothing to make sure that the business relationship you put together profits all interests across the board.

Once you have successfully established your relationship with Groupon, you are now featured, and the Groupon for your goods is live, it is now time to start the promotion on your end. Don’t worry about theirs – it is covered in their location searches and categories.

Tweet Smell Of Success

I am unsure about the rest of the world, but I am a sucker for a deal. So, instead of tweeting your small business as a whole, you would benefit more by tweeting individual Groupons. Wording is key – laws of attraction apply to the eyes as we all know – so definitely put a sweet twist that will attract the masses. Best time to tweet, according to sources, is 4PM Eastern Time. Make sure to use your hash tags to be placed in more tweet searches (i.e. #electronics, #sales)


If you have a Facebook fan page or even a personal page with lots of active friends, this is a great opportunity to place this savings in front of them. When the weekend gets here and the wife wants some new blinds or the kids want that new gadget, you can attract them to your offline or online store by attention-grabbing deals and printable coupons redeemable for your wares or services. Know the general time of each time zones’ work schedules – I would suggest placing your ads at 5-9PM to cover all times.

Feed Me, Seymour

Make sure that you are running your Groupon(s) through your RSS/Atom feeds so your subscribers can be made wise to your sales. You can also run your feeds through Twitter and Facebook via

Linked In, Too!

Joining various groups in Linked In will also place your ad in front of the masses – especially if you are joining groups that are in your niche. There are many small business and personal groups that would be of interest to the loyal Grouponer.

Mixing two larger sources such as these will surely place your chances at several rungs higher on the ladder than you currently are. Read the success stories of other like-minded businesses and compare their results with where you want to be.


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