Affiliate Marketing Is Not Dead (Yet)

Affiliate Marketing Is Not Dead (Yet)

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If you have browsed many of our effective articles on this site, you will clearly see that a winning affiliate marketing strategy entails driving as much traffic, preferably targeted traffic, to your affiliate product or service as possible. The key in generating sufficient traffic starts with selecting a product or service that is guaranteed to stimulate interest in the targeted audience and potential customer. This is an essential part of your affiliate strategy.

What’s an effective affiliate marketing strategy?

A key part of an effective affiliate strategy is to leverage off of the product creator or merchants time and effort that they have put into their own product or service. No one is in a better position to know the strengths of their product than the person who created and originally marketed it. An experienced merchant will appreciate and encourage affiliate resources, knowing that the more their affiliates sell, the more profit the merchant is going to see. In most cases the merchant will continue to test and refine the product or services sales page to make it compelling. Driving traffic to this type of site is your best opportunity for making sales and profit, and avoid affiliate scams.

One affiliate marketing tip is to look for sales pages that are simple and clean. They should offer compelling headlines, testimonials, and possibly a timer showing potential customers how long they have to cash in on a special price offer or bonus product.

Having selected the product or service that you want to act as an affiliate marketer for, you now need to decide how you’re going to drive traffic to that site to make sales. Several methods or venues exist, such as, pay-per-click advertising, classified ads, and banner ads. Also, very effective, is to set up a content blog or website that provides useful information on the niche of the product or service you are selling.

If you are an affiliate marketing newcomer, a blog might be the easiest way to begin. Using software such as Word Press is highly recommended as is comes complete with many plug-ins that will allow you to be more visible to the search engines.

Keyword research is an important aspect of any affiliate strategy. Keywords allow you optimize your site for the search engines, which will assist you in driving traffic to the desired sites. Using keywords that are less competitive is a good way set your site apart from the remainder of the pack. Keep in mind though, that your keywords must be well nested in the niche you are selling in. To assist you in your keyword research, you can use tools such as Google Keyword Tool (which is free of charge). You will be provided with related search terms that people use in their product searches. You can also query information as to how often terms and keywords are searched, and other general statistics.

Following some of these affiliate marketing tips should help you select a niche, product or service, and the keywords you’ll need to drive traffic to the merchant’s site. Doing so will assist you in making sales and making money as an affiliate marketer.

More affiliate marketing tips

A job in affiliate marketing may conjure up images of socially inept office workers with unrewarding careers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are many varied career avenues within the affiliate realm, with each being very different from the last. So if you’re thinking about making your money in the world of commission-based sales work, follow these tips:

1. Define your goals by writing them down. If you want to make $100 a month write it down and put it somewhere in front of your computer where you can see it. If your goal is to quit your job and work full-time for yourself write that down. You will need more than one goal to achieve the success you want, but you should have one primary reason for getting into affiliate marketing that motivates you.

2. Invest some time and money in affiliate marketing education. There is free training available online. While many people believe that forum advice is a modern concept, there will be some people who will tell you it is a tired concept, and one that should be phased out. It would be fair to say that there is a need to think about connecting with like-minded affiliates, meaning some form of education is necessary – regardless how you achieve it.

3. Understand that you need to build your own websites. The affiliate merchant will give you websites to promote, but this is not the best way to become successful. You are better off to build targeted niche websites for the various product you’re going to promote. By hosting them yourself you will be able to develop them as your business grows.

4. Build email lists. Following up with your website traffic in the future gives you a big edge over other affiliate marketers who are not doing that. It also lets you build assets for your business that can continue to pay you long after you quit working every day.

5. Plan on spending a lot of time on research and development. You can always outsource the day to day activities of your affiliate business. It also means finding good affiliate programs to represent. You will be getting paid by the click, by the lead, and by the sale. There are excellent programs available for all of these.

While there is a rush to find new technologies and ways of working in business, there is also a desire to throw out the old ways of working. It seems that some people and industry experts are not satisfied with moving on to new methods, they must destroy everything that they leave behind them as well. This means that many people are prone to denouncing affiliate marketing – which isn’t dead (yet).


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