Social Bookmarking Ethics for Dummies

Social Bookmarking Ethics for Dummies

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Every single way to make money online – whether it’s an online business, a website, internet marketing campaign or a blog, requires traffic in order to succeed. And now Google enters the social bookmarking race with the introduction of +1, which one may equate to a Facebook-meets-Digg-meets-Twitter infusion.

There are several factors in obtaining traffic, probably the most essential of which is the number of visitors from search engines. So the higher your page rank the more traffic and visitors your site gets. One of the most commonly used tools for improving traffic is social bookmarking. In this article I’ll show you how to increase your page rank and traffic with social bookmarking, and also other ways it can benefit your website.

A working definition of social bookmarking

So what is social bookmarking? It’s a method of creating and sharing links from your website to a social bookmarking site such as Digg, Reddit, StumpleUpon, Google +1 and Delicious. These websites let their users share all kinds of information, be it a whole website or just individual pages, articles, videos, etc. When you market your website on these sites, people will be able to share it with each other thus creating more and more traffic.

An even better definition could be as such: social bookmarks allow individuals to take content they discover and ‘perpetually’ save it to various subgroups, sub-Reddits and similar categories so they can be shared later, discovered ten years down the road, or simply deleted at one’s leisure.  For example, see how I bookmarked an article about how tech is sluggish in enhancing education.  It’s actually another bookmark leading to Newsvine (another great bookmarking site), then leads back to the article on this site.

This tactic is also frequently called ‘viral marketing’ due to the self-perpetuating nature of what is being marketed. This is one of the best ways of advertising in my opinion because it’s free, effective and targeted. The cost-effectiveness stems from the fact that users promote the product on their own making this internet marketing campaign free. By using social bookmarking sites you can seed your content and then watch as the popularity of that content explodes as more and more people share it.

A bookmark’s functionality

Internet marketing through bookmarking uses the same tactics as word of mouth advertising and what’s more, it promotes a setting in which millions of people have access to. Anyone who’s looking for a way to promote their product or content should seriously consider viral marketing – in the age of MySpace, Google +1 and Facebook, it’s a must. Social bookmarking sites allow you to gain maximum exposure for your website for a fraction of the cost of regular advertising. Take advantage of it. It is the way the future of small business marketing will be, and where the competition will go.

If you thought about advertising through social marketing but became discouraged because it seems too tedious and time-consuming, head on over to our other social marketing categories how you can submit your website to hundreds of social bookmarking sites in a matter of minutes with just one click as well as the means and extremes of marketing internet and businesses online in this era of digitality.

Keep In Mind

Should you endeavor to share (or spam) your affiliate links or similar MLM programs through social bookmarks, we offer these simple reminders (or caveats – take them how you will):

  • Votes mean the world. However, sites like Reddit and Quora are refining their algorithms to weed out ‘bot’ voting, so make sure to avoid Fiverr gigs that offer massive votes slammed all at once.
  • Get clever. Bookmark a bookmark from another site (chain them together) with the first bookmark having your site, and the last bookmark having the first bookmark.
  • Share your bookmarks in social realms like LinkedIn and Facebook for better exposure.

The rules have changed, my friends, so make sure your bookmarking endeavors are more refined should you wish to not get ‘shadowbanned’ or booted from highly effective bookmarking sites.


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