From fiduciaries to financial flimflams, everything you need to survive the world of finance gone mad is below. Choose specific categories to narrow your search; after reading your selection, reflect on Spock's famous words: "Live long, and prosper."
asset allocation

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Asset allocation may best be described by putting it's inherent usage in better perspective. There are only three ways that an investor can make...


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Under Canadian mandate, you can use your registered retirement savings plan, called RRSPs, and roll it into your Vancouver mortgage. This is best if...

paper checks

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Paper checks aren't dead.  Just ask your grandfather, mother and FDIC magnates. Tell your teenage son you’d like to teach him how to properly balance...


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The most sophisticated investors – whether they are pension funds, endowments, foundations or family offices – typically approach their investing in a process-focused way....

complementary currency

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According to the definitions from both Lietaer & Hallsmith (2006) and Wikipedia, most of cryptographic units of accounts, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. can...


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Most of us do not have the privilege of being able to lock away our money for decades at a time. Money is eventually...


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There are several reasons investment services for high-net-worth individuals and families are so commoditized. First, commodities – like fruit, oil and gold – are...


the Equifax Data Breach

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The Equifax Data Breach, as you're probably aware, affected roughly 50% of America (up to 99%, depending on how we're looking at this). That...

This Week in Sports

fake penis

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Everything in Hollywood is fake - even the methods used to pass drug screens. Former Khloe Kardashian beau Lamar...
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