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dayton freight lines

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Dayton Freight Lines, lauded for being a union-free Less Than Truckload (LTL) carrier, is perhaps the most competitively priced (and most efficient) carrier due...


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An 18-month mudslinging fest enmeshed in scandal, foul language and voting fraud comes down to one twisted Tuesday where Americans will choose the next...

ripoff report

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Ripoff Report purports to being a mouthpiece for victims of B2C shams, but after reading this, you'll see why millions could care less what's...

wholesale buying

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In wholesale buying nomenclature, retail stores, auctioneers, flea market vendors and jobbers across the world share one common bond: buy low, sell high and...

mesothelioma litigation

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Mesothelioma litigation isn’t always about ramming a proverbial fist down the throats and pocketbooks of noncompliant companies. In fact, many victims of cancerous asbestos...

binge watch

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Legions of television watchers have turned into binge watch freaks that rely on accurate information, spoilers and the next big episode. But why? Back in...

black friday

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Every year, billions of dollars exchange hands during an all-out war between retail giants dubbed "Black Friday". Whether sitting before a computer or sleeping...


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Owning a franchise is just like owning any other business, only more demanding of your time and efforts. Developing strategies to avoid being cash...

free speech

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So, I recently wrote an article that apparently got the attention of the dissident voice box curiously dubbed Ripoff Report because I got a...


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In an era where digital cash is taking form, we explore how Bitcoin can help complementary currencies to complete the ‘missions impossible’. Complementary currencies have...

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love songs

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Having been throwing together compilations for over 20 years, it's safe to assume I'm the master of mix tapes.  No, not even Rob Gordon...


Manual D

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An industry rarity, Manual D is another highly important design method in residential HVAC which, by ACCA standards, should correctly implement ductwork so airflow...
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