Brandable Domain Names: Growth Expectations for 2016

Brandable Domain Names: Growth Expectations for 2016

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Brandable domain names, for the lack of a more quantified reason, are an oft forgotten yet highly necessary component of any business’s digital presence. They look cool, too.

An integral component of running an online business is getting a domain name, but with today’s newer category TLDs being released, finding that perfectly brandable domain name could become somewhat nightmarish. To get a good domain, you need to understand the basics of domain registration and just how you could impact your marketing budget by choosing unwisely.

With 2016 marketing budgets being put into action as we speak, many industry leaders will begin seeing brandable domain names flying off their virtual shelves faster than ever, and here’s why:

SEO difficulties

Google continually thrives off making marketing increasingly difficult for SERP pros, many who just want to get their sites ranking highly the right way. Many years ago there were a range of easy link building tactics that could rapidly blast your site to the top of the search engines. Sadly, many of these link building strategies are no longer effective; factually speaking, some of them can even have a negative impact on your rankings and – as a result – your traffic.

Because brandable domains rule markets for exact matches, look for domains to leverage the category TLD’s to electrify their brand worthiness. Companies Like Popcentric have been capitalizing on burgeoning brandable domain names they create and market to small businesses and entrepreneurs, and know they each have intrinsic search value if leveraged properly.

GoDaddy – The force majeure?

Although many believe GoDaddy will dominate the domain market due to price flexibility, other major players are making huge impacts on the registration and aftermarkets. In 2016, many are praying GoDaddy will fall upon the sword of domain registration, making way for these smaller outfits.

Many .com’s will get ‘grandfathered’ before long, and perhaps 2016 is when aftermarket activity heats up like never before, with big players like 101 Domains leading the shortened TLD charge.

Brandable domain names: good for PR?

In competitive markets, it is necessary that small companies consider ways to promote themselves, improve their reputation and increase industry visibility in order to stay in business and achieve further success. By taking tips, models, and inspiration from the way that large companies promote themselves and handle their public relations to help them remain strong industry contenders, you can promote and build upon the reputation of your company or domain name, and grow from there.

As 2016 trucks along ever slowly, Google shall be increasing their overall emphasis on local search results. This is why if you are a business with a local focus, it is important that you stay abreast of all the latest local search developments and – perhaps most of all – buy brandable domains that are identifiable by locals.

Mull over domains before time runs out

Because every New Year presents itself with wonderful challenges and even somewhat harrowing business fears, thinking about launching new ventures in 2016 should begin with your domain name. Domain branding is very contentious in nature; because marketers are still creating keyword loaded domains to increase their organic positions, Google will inevitably turn their attention towards branded domains that aren’t loaded with keywords. I cover Google and their snarky yet highly feared search algorithm in another article.

What’s your domain strategy as 2016 begins? If unsure, perhaps the present is your most opportune time for planning your domain registration and marketing push for this upcoming year. For best results, consider the brandable domain avenue as your keyword goals have already taken an immense hit when Hummingbird was unveiled.


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