Domains: The World’s Window to Your Brand

Domains: The World’s Window to Your Brand

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Domains predate the internet as you know it (true story).

If you are looking to register new domains for your brand or business, there are a few key factors you should take into consideration. A website is your business storefront to the world, a domain is how people find that storefront. When choosing domains, it’s important to understand that a great domain name will help your customers find you and will be what most of your online customers will get to know you as. According to facts from Websitebuilderau, top domain registrar, GoDaddy, alone registered 54.5 million domains last year and they are only 1 of 2952 ICANN accredited registrars that currently register domains.

Domains & TLD Talks

A TLD is simply the final extension to a domain address; .com or .net are the most common and used TLD’s, but thousands exist and are available for registration. TLD’s can be broken down into two main categories, the first is government TLDs or TLDs that are country or regionally specific (CCTLD’s). The second is non-country specific TLD’s (NGTLD’s).


These are TLD’s that are officially used by a specific country or region. The .com and .net TLD mentioned earlier are examples of American CCTLD’s. Other top governmental TLD’s include .cn for China, .uk for the United Kingdom and .de for Germany. By 2016, there were an estimated 142 million domains registered on country specific TLD’s.


These are TLD’s that are not administered or legislated by a government. In most cases, these NGTLD’s are sector and niece specific and some of the most popular, currently in-demand NGTLD’s are .app, .fan and .web.

As more and more of the common .com domains are taken, people looking toward domain name registration for new businesses will need to look at other TLD’s to get the name and branding they want. For those looking for more information to help define, choose and purchase that perfect domain name, Websitebuilderau’s 101 facts about domain names that you should know is a great place to start. (see full infographic by clicking here)

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