Legitimate Domain Parking Page Optimization Tactics

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    Throughout your tenure in domain name ownership, you’ll uncover several strategies to get site visitors targeted towards your domain parking pages – many which lack legitimacy, some which could get domains blacklisted from search engines. Blacklisting means domains are now worthless. Sometimes you’ll work towards generating traffic which pulls type-ins, or you’ll keyword optimize single-page content with your advertisements scattered across your page.

    As we head into an era with PageRank presumably gone, let’s look into the world of legit optimization tactics for domain owners looking solely towards parking monetization. Remember to always read each domain parking company’s terms before engaging.

    Enhance Domain Keywords

    Because type-ins rarely happen anymore, you must ensure your site is keyword enhanced for the search engines like Google, and image optimized for Bing searches. For nearly any new domain name, using low competition words will help you to get placed near the top of some search engines and supply necessary traffic prepared to engage your secondary ad channels.

    For people who’ve developed a web-based presence within several online groups or forums, doing a number of optimization methods day, and monitoring their progress, will progressively build your domain presence. Exceeding single category inclusion provides an equivocal chance of domains being found during different consumer searches. Keywords should be frugally yet accurately chosen.

    Reinvesting Domain Parking Earnings

    Among the greatest benefits of advertising domain names online is you don’t always need to pay with money upfront, or of any minimum amount, to proceed with monetizing your domain names. Instead, you could reinvest a percentage of your parking revenue back into search marketing, where applicable and allowed by parking sites. This really is very good news since it implies that virtually anyone can begin monetizing their domains provided they can expound additional time, and effort, in learning SEO.

    You have to consider several factors before determining what’s good for you as well as your domain parking business, along with what’s allowed by various parking companies. Incrementally building domain parking revenue takes time, patience, and plenty of reinvestment.

    Article Promotion

    Article promotion can be achieved with little, if any, web advertising costs upfront. Based on your ability to write plausible content for other websites, you could keyword inject domain names into your content, or in author bio area, to increase search positioning. Provided the site administrators are okay with your promotional methods, parking revenue could significantly increase simply by writing for other web blogs, otherwise considered guest blogging.


    Social networks allow individuals with plenty of connections, and domain names, to suggest visitation. This needs time to work because you need to concentrate on building associations using people of various walks, business interests or interest in your domain’s potential. You need to be careful you don’t attempt to ‘Sell your Lunch’, or else you will simply make people mad and make them think you’re spamming. You could suggest everyone ‘Like’ your domain in Facebook by making a business page for it.  For further reading, I suggest ready my Social Bookmarking Ethics for Dummies piece.

    Rules Are Rules

    Every domain parking company will specify rules for promoting your domain. Before following any optimization advice found abroad, make sure you’ve read the T’s and C’s of Afternic, Sedo, or your favorite domain parking hub. Risking domain bans isn’t worthwhile simply because you want more money, or quicker search engine inclusion.


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