A Prime Example of an Ideal Trading Environment

A Prime Example of an Ideal Trading Environment

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Does an ideal trading environment still exist? PrimeTrade has that and many more answers for fiscal gurus.

The world of online trading continues to grow from strength to strength on a global scale and the Forex market alone garners a daily turnover of over $5 trillion making it the largest financial market in the world. But as more and more brokers and market makers appear, consumers need to establish which one is best suited to their multiple and varying needs. PrimeTrade maybe a new player in the market, but they come backed up with both years of experience in the financial world and expertise in catering for the needs of both the novice and the advanced trader. Clients of PrimeTrade can benefit from a wide range of educational services, dedicated customer support and advanced trading tools that are provided in both Turkish and English.

No new kids on the block

Although PrimeTrade is a newcomer to the online trading community, its board members come to the table with many years of experience in the financial market and the firm offers its clients leveraged trading on Currencies, Commodities and Indices as well as their many enhanced trading conditions. All of PrimeTrade clients can benefit from Full Margin Usage and Negative Balance Protection. This means that they can use their entire deposit to support their open position, without being subjected to margin calls before reaching zero margin, and can never lose more than they invest. PrimeTrade’s advanced technology also allows traders to execute trades on a ‘what you see, is what you get’ policy.

This means that, under normal market conditions, they will receive the exact rate stated within the trading platform, slippage free and without the risk of sudden volatility which could cause the rate to change. PrimeTrade is of course a fully regulated broker which ensures client protection under the supervision of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) under license number ARK/KAS-34. By choosing to trade with a Turkish regulated broker, this ensures that clients can do so in a secure environment that protects the best interests of the clients at all times and this includes the safe handling and safe keeping of client’s funds with Takasbank.

In the early days of PrimeTrade’s conception, the board members sought to find a partner with whom to launch and looked no further than a leader in the global marketplace. PrimeTrade’s trading services are powered by iFOREX, a leading international financial services provider with over 18 years of experience which offers a full range of products, including 3 dynamic and innovative trading platforms (web based, downloadable and mobile) as well as market leading trading tools that include advanced trading signals and professional charting services. This partnership brought forth an amalgamation of leading financial minds that pursued a common goal of servicing the entire spectrum of online traders whether they be new to the market or seasoned professionals. This was done by supporting the needs of everyone that fitted between those brackets; providing enriching and comprehensive training materials including personal tuition for beginners, while also ensuring that advanced traders received the market conditions, platforms and tools that they already know they need in order to flourish.

Client-centric trading approach

Clients of every level can learn asset allocation as a return driver while having full and unlimited use of the trading services that PrimeTrade provides and they are also supported with round the clock support from a team of account managers and customer service representatives that are prepared to assist with any trading or technical help they may need. To complement the launch of the new brand, PrimeTrade has introduced an added incentive to clients that will see them receive Cash Back paid directly into their account each and every week, as rebate. Traders will receive a rebate of $5 for every $100k that they trade and in addition, they will also receive a weekly email that informs them of how much Cash Back they have earned in the previous seven days. Under the tagline ‘The More You Trade – The More You Earn’ this promotion provides clients with an additional reason to turn to the services of PrimeTrade.

When the company experienced the incantation of their website, Mr. Yalcin Karapinar, the marketing head for PrimeTrade, was able to make a brief statement about the client-centric environment upheld at company headquarters:

“We share a common belief that by providing our clients with the training, the tools and the market conditions they need, they have everything they need to see the potential of their investments thrive. Every department within our structure has been optimized to support this. Our customer service assistants have the ability to connect potential clients with the services that they require; the dedicated team of account managers tend to our traders needs and keep them informed of the latest market news and our latest features and promotions; and our professional risk management team ensures that clients have the ability to trade under supreme market conditions. Our Cash Back promotion is an added incentive to come and sample our services.”

PrimeTrade is the well-known moniker for Referans Menkul Değerler A.Ş, fully regulated by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) under license number ARK/KAS-34. To learn about the online trading of currencies, commodities and indices or to find out more about PrimeTrade and the educational and trading services they provide, please visit http://www.primetrade.com for English or https://www.primetrade.com.tr for Turkish support.


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