Androgen Deficiency A Growing Concern

Androgen Deficiency A Growing Concern

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Some men are born to be true men: the Schwarzeneggers and Stallones who have the big muscles and great hair and booming voice that the ladies just wilt over. For the rest of the population, however, sometimes you need a little shot in the arm in order to look and feel like Cary Grant or Ryan Gosling. Millions of men out there have an imbalance in their hormones, meaning that they are a bit less assertive, less chiseled, and less active than they would like to be.

Worse still, they may develop man-boobs that have nothing to do with frequent outings to the ice cream parlor, and may feel less inclined to chase good-looking women. Whenever you feel like less of a man and more of a blob, it may be because of an androgen deficiency. What is the solution, you ask? There is a cure for androgen deficiency in testosterone supplements and in anything that boosts your test levels.

What’s Testosterone Got To Do With It

A man’s reproductive organs will do a lot for him over the course of his life. Much of what they do involves the production of testosterone, a hormone that affects just how manly you feel on a given day. Testosterone is a key ingredient in building up big, bodybuilder muscles, so that a man who cannot produce enough testosterone may resemble a bean bag instead of a football player. Low testosterone could involve a problem with your manly parts or the glands in your brain that produce hormones, but in either case it requires an effort to boost the production of hormones if you are ever to change. Taking supplements and boosters can help to overcome an androgen deficiency and feel more like the stallion you truly are.

What Makes A Man

The symptoms of low testosterone are similar to the exact opposite of becoming a rugged man who can chop down a tree. Minimal facial hair, poor muscle development, high-pitched voice, and little interest in an attractive mate all suggest an imbalance of testosterone. Whenever a man feels chronically depressed, develops unsightly fat around his pecs (man-boobs being the non-scientific diagnosis), loses body hair, and cannot get his member to perform, it indicates a failure of the endocrine system to produce enough testosterone.


Androgen deficiency is sometimes called male menopause, since testosterone levels begin to dip after age 30. However, any time a man is severely overweight, it causes the hormone to slow as well. Studies suggest that the robust older men who swim the English Channel and box kangaroos have just as high levels of testosterone as the fourteen-year-old kids who hunt elephants on private game safaris. It may also suggest a risk of more serious complications, like prostate cancer.


Whenever your car’s gasoline meter hits empty, what do you do? The same principle applies to an androgen deficiency: whenever your testostorone gets too low, boost it back up again. Supplements allow your endocrine system to rebound from its slump, whether it is applied to the skin or injected into the bloodstream or ingested as a tablet. While these supplements will help to correct your temporary lack of manliness, they also make you experience something similar to puberty all over again: you can expect acne, voice changes, and mood swings whenever you take a hormone booster on a treatment plan.

Martin Thomas, M.D., is a consultant for and is a proponent of supplementing testosterone levels.


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