Minimizing Children’s Fear of Dental Visits

Minimizing Children’s Fear of Dental Visits

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Regular dental visits are essential to maintain the overall good condition of your kid’s dental health. Checkups are also necessary to help promote excellent oral care and  dental habits. However, some children simply find the thought of visiting a dentist scary – imagine lying on a chair, being surrounded with dental equipment you don’t know the use for, and a dentist probing at the inside of your mouth. It’s pretty normal to get scared – even adults experience this. But to help your kid’s future dental visits to be more comfortable, the tips below might help to make him more relaxed when going on dental checkups.

Start early

The key to instilling good oral habits to our children is via starting young. Children can have their first dental visits as early as when they have their first visible tooth. Remember, you are trying to provide your child with a ‘dental home’ where he can be sure to get professional attention from dental experts.

Aim to be a good role model to your kids

Being a good dental role model to your children can definitely help them minimize their fear of the dentist. You can help them be more familiar with dental visits by bringing them to your next routine checkup. Having them watch the entire process will make them feel more relaxed with the new surroundings. And showing your child how you felt great about your teeth afterwards and how easy the process was when you were being examined can surely help address his concerns or anxiety of going to his personal dental visits. Of course, being a good role model at home in terms of your oral care and hygiene can also aid in forming healthy dental practices in your children.

Keep a positive attitude

You might have a bad experience yourself in your previous checkups, but it’s best not to open up about it to your child, especially if he’s already feeling anxious of his dental visit. Always keep a positive attitude when explaining details about a particular treatment or process. Just explain the basics and let the dentist handle the discussion on more complicated questions that your child may have. Dentists are well-trained to explain different dental processes and treatments in words that are easily understandable and not overwhelming to the kids.

Find a trusted pediatric dentist

You might have to search for a Melbourne dental hospital that offers pediatric dentistry as one of its services. Dentists here usually have a background in handling nervous and young patients, offering their patients with a calm and comfortable clinic environment. Last but not the least, many dental clinics also offer a personalized dental appointment based on the child’s personality and age, providing them with encouraging and positive reinforcement to aid them in their future dental visits.

Don’t give too many promises

One of the common mistakes of parents is that they over placate their children’s feelings towards dental visits by giving too many promises. While it’s good to encourage children to attend their checkups, remember not to give too many promises that might be misleading to the children. For instance, “everything will be comfortable” might be too much if your child is having his first tooth extraction. Your child might just lose his trust in you and also the dentist if he ends up experiencing just the opposite. So remember to encourage through positive words but also be clear with their expectations on some of the scenarios they might encounter.


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