Quit Smoking Without Actually Quitting

Quit Smoking Without Actually Quitting

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You can quit smoking without actually tossing away the oral fixation which mentally tells you that cigarettes are what you need.

Over the past decade, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, which are often shortened to e-cigs by trade, smokers are proffered an affordable opportunity to kick their deadly tobacco habit, thereby permanently eliminating exposure to carcinogenic tobacco smoke.

What exactly goes through one’s mind when trying to quit smoking? Why isn’t the electronic cigarette your automatic pathway to successful nicotine kicking? Mentality, fear and nervousness.

Mentality of the Smoker

Your belief systems are the most powerful force in your mind and body and the most influential key to maximizing performance and success. Unfortunately most of what we do and say is driven by beliefs that we may not ever have examined, let alone agreed to hold as true. What is it that makes you think, feel and act the way you do?

When we feel confident, excited, appreciative, happy or perhaps full of vitality, we think, behave and perform very differently from when we feel self-conscious, unsure, frustrated, stressed, tired or depressed. Smoking tends to provide an escape, albeit the deadliest one on earth. Electronic cigarettes provide the mentality, hand motion and overall feeling of ‘ahhh’ – not otherwise maintained or discovered when one decides to quit smoking cold turkey.

Fears of Quitting

The number of smokers who had sought medical advice for what they believed to be cigarette withdrawal issues, thanks to cold turkey attempts, increased by 110,000 to an estimated 530,000 in America alone.   People have seen the electronic cigarette commercials with Stephen Dorff; he does portray that smokers could still feel that sense of calmness without ‘violating’ themselves or others around them, but for the smoker, it’s just not enough.

Many smokers have even attempted acupuncture, not surprisingly since it has been around for 5000 years. However, it wasn’t until recently that western science invalidated this as a ‘real system’ to solely quit smoking by. With no insurance and few treatment options, people keep on smoking.


Think of an issue, person, event or situation that causes you to immediately pick up that Marlboro. It should be something that provokes an emotional charge, a reaction and feeling that simply drives you batty. Ok, now imagine how nervous you’re feeling, and amplify that by ten. That’s the smokers first 24-48 hour period without cigarettes: edginess, and nervousness.

If you have made up your mind to quit smoking, or even tried and failed, know that electronic cigarettes are safer than Chantix, allow smokers to have that hand-mouth oral fixation during their days of being weaned off real tobacco, yet curb that nervousness that often drives us towards insanity.

In Closing: Quit Smoking without Quitting

Many smokers try to quit smoking but fall back into the same habit for various reasons. Anyone that has been through this kind of experience may attest that it almost feels like a rollercoaster. The experience itself is not pleasant when one thinks about the dangers of smoking. As such, it is important to understand why most smokers go into a relapse so that you can kick the habit on your first try or become successful if it is another attempt.

With an electronic cigarette, one doesn’t need to fret over death, stroke, amputation or losing loads of money, considering these wonderfully delectable treats are available when you’re ready to quit smoking expensive cigarettes.

Are you a smoker? Have you tried giving up smoking and never succeeded? It is very easy for people to say to you “oh smoking is bad for you why don’t you just give up?” Easier said than done. Read this article and see what you think about trying e-cigarettes to kick that habit for good.


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