Energy Savvy Homeowners Reducing Electricity

Energy Savvy Homeowners Reducing Electricity

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[postad]There are a variety of issues on the minds of ecologically aggressive Americans today. Some people are thinking about political changes taking place, and other people are worried about the direction the economy is taking. There is one issue that a group of Americans are thinking about, even though more should because it effects a lot of other issues: energy.

Our energy consumption affects the economy, politics, our health, our well-being, and nearly every facet of everyday life, and many are screaming at the psychotic troglodytes running the major energy companies around the globe to coddle to their fears. Here’s what you should do while waiting for politics to come around and make your energy cheaper:

Solar energy

An average electric water heater will cost you an estimated $400 per year to run, with a gas heater being only slightly cheaper. This may not seem like much, but it all adds up, and there are surely alternatives which allow you to save that money. Luckily, solar water heaters may just be that alternative. Its high initial installation cost is easily made back in no time through your reduce water heating bills.

Also, solar paneling can keep your house lit up during the day, while charging special cells which will heat and illuminate your property at night. Enjoy a nice fire inside your fireplace for added value. Some people are even buying solar heaters, guaranteed to make your rooms much warmer for a lot less.

Reduce carbon footprints at home

Being carbon-neutral, environmentally responsible design, and climate change the main buzz words in our industry, it makes perfect sense to talk about how the home improvement sector is using the latest technology in lighting to enhance their design while saving energy for their clients.

Next, when you need to replace your old household appliances, start purchasing new appliances that have the Energy Star label. This label is sponsored by the EPA and the DOE, and having this label guarantees the products are energy efficient.

Even eco friendly Christmas lights can make energy efficiency seem more ‘doable’ around the holidays. In several worldwide collective efforts, green energy has become an important concern for smaller communities, and there are some great examples of successful Christmas lighting projects that have only come to exist because of the local community working together with suppliers to get things done locally.


Changes to our climate are irreversible. These have been brought about by over two hundred years of man-made damage to our environment. Years of burning fossil fuels, using harmful gasses and deforestation have put our world in a very vulnerable position. Scientists have even estimated that by the end of the 21st century, temperatures in the USA are set to rise thanks to melting Polar caps.

As a home owner, you understand that pretty much everything comes down to the savings aspect. If you can do it for less and get the same or a better outcome, then you will. The summer and winter seasons are deadly in terms of keeping your home comfortable. For office buildings, restaurants, apartment owners, and other high-traffic commercial buildings your energy bill can rise hundreds of dollars seemingly overnight.

Regardless of season, take no chances. When you cannot afford to let precious energy seep out of your home, try and adapt your energy usage around simple household fixes, like sealing leaks around doors, windows, ventilation and ceilings.


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