Build a Wall and Crime Will Fall. It Is Just That Simple.

Build a Wall and Crime Will Fall. It Is Just That Simple.

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In order to secure the southern border and prevent further illegal entry into our country, the message is simple: build a wall and crime will fall. Period. That ‘s the new battle cry our fearless leader is pushing across Twitter:

Yes, it is time to get our barrier constructed.

There is no more beating around the bush. We can no longer stroke the ego of Democrats who think flooding the country with unlawful citizens who refuse to pay taxes and abide by our way of life is prudential.

Imagine the tax revenue we could generate if those who wish to enter our country legally agreed to work and pay taxes. How wonderful it would be if Mexico and Central America would purge corruption from their soil and rebuild their economy to that of an American standard.

Wonderful as it may be, it will not happen. Build a wall and crime will fall.

We can no longer support illegal entry into America. It is ruining the fabric of society. The United States, while not a perfect country by any means, could improve drastically if the Democratic agenda would align with what is practical and frugal for the common welfare.

Over the years, we tried to make it work. We allowed those oppressed by Vincente Fox (et al.) and Central American governments to jump across fences, hide in Cadillacs and run toward a new life. Our days of turning the other cheek are over.

#Buildthewall. Crime will fall. Ask Israel and other countries with protective barriers around their borders – walls work.

Opponents of the wall believe the expenditure will outweigh the long term benefits. After all, people enter through airports, overstay visas and travel thousands of miles on water just for the opportunity to breathe American air. Right?

Wrong. TSA and Coast Guard officials will show you data that proves the Democrats are clueless when it comes to where and how people enter the U.S. And if you are one of the millions who believe poll data, perhaps you should grab a ticket and exit America yourself.

Build a wall and crime will fall. A simple message can solve a complex problem that has our country shut down because the Democrats refuse to cough up $5.7 billion in funding – a pittance compared to what they will spend caring for the illegals who keep entering our country without paperwork.

Sure, an added expense to this wall will be the need to add manpower to various sections of the wall. Let us remind the naysayers that American manpower equals tax revenue which illegal immigrants do not help our great nation with.

There is no need to fight this any longer. Just build the wall and crime will fall incrementally over time, and will pay for itself since we will stop funding health care, shelter and other subsidies for those who enter illegally. Not a single one of you can tell me any differently, or at least tell me with verifiable facts to back your claims (Gallup Polls do not count).

Build a wall and crime will fall.

A catchy slogan that we must finally take seriously regardless of what the propagandist Dems say.


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