Democrats Are Clueless. Inaccurate Poll Data Proves This.

Democrats Are Clueless. Inaccurate Poll Data Proves This.

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Have no political skills? No problem - just rig the polls.



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A show of hands if a group of Democrats have ever shown up at your door to enumerate your thoughts on Trump, the economy, wars, and our border crisis. Anyone?

Come on. Surely someone out there has been phoned, emailed, or visited in person. Still no one?

Me neither. Chances are, you never will. Polling 77.1% of Americans currently over the age of 18 (2010 Census est.) would be too arduous of a task. So, the next best thing is to auto-dial a few dozen people in all 50 states to get their opinion. From there, assumptions can be drawn.

I’ll explain.

Polls Were Created by Democrats, Right?

It certainly seems possible. I mean, look at the all-star cast contributing to President Trump’s job approval rating – CNN, Washington Post, Economist, and their ilk. Not exactly the type of fan base that burgeons with Republican love.

Polls are easier to manipulate than a drugged hooker. All you need is a small sample size, a few “pointed” questions and a large media audience to convince. It is fairly common for CNN and their ilk to poll 1,500 people then refer to them as “most Americans”.

But what about the opinion of 250+ million people who were never polled? It rarely matters. Because in the eyes of the clueless Democrats, 1,500 people said Trump is doing a bad job – therefore, that’s how you feel.

How low must one political party go to control your thoughts? Polls are often low enough. Regardless if you, your family, extended friends network and half of Norther Montana love Republicans, it rarely matters. Democrats, the media they influence and other outlets backed by Democratic funds run American polls. But why?

Clueless people need some mechanism in place to make you believe they are not actually clueless. Polls are often the perfect opportunity for the manipulation of the truth.

How To Combat Poll Influence

First and foremost, look around at the obvious. Are people lining up and throwing bricks at Trump Tower? Are your coworkers suddenly appalled by the increase in take-home pay? Not many are.

See, Democrats have their own unique way of crying when things are not how they want them to be. So they claim that “President Trump is the worst president of our era” and make you believe Obama was the most admired.

How could you admire an individual that rammed healthcare down your throat, violating your constitutional freedom of choice?

Polls. They run your life, even when you think you are running it just fine. The best way to combat this negativity is to disavow it. Period.

This shutdown certainly proves otherwise.

Let us reshape the focus of a nation by following the truth as we know it.


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