Donald Trump Just Schooled Pelosi On The Art of The Deal

Donald Trump Just Schooled Pelosi On The Art of The Deal

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SOTU will wait. Which is all part of the plan.

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Say anything you want about Donald Trump, but when it comes to the art of the deal, oftentimes the grand finale is complete before negotiations begin. As our 45th President is proving to the Democratic Party each day, decades of business dealmaking goes much further than decades of college education and lobbying.

Out of fairness, Nancy Pelosi means well. She tries her little heart out each day she shows up to the House she has locked down tighter than Fort Knox. She is working her little hands to the bone to train the freshman class in proper negotiation skills. Problem is, she is holding Americans hostage with her hardline stance against a wall that she once backed.

But Donald Trump is schooling our fearless Speaker in ways she can only imagine.

First, you hold your ground when it comes to keeping your campaign promises. The wall is the finest example of an individual who promises something on the campaign trail and sees it through.

Once you back the Democrats in the corner, you give an ultimatum; give me $5.7 billion to build some type of structure to keep rapists, drugs, murderers and those with ill intent out of our country, or I will close up the government. Since Trump and his Republican following already knew the shutdown was going to happen, you wait for the House to shoot you down.

Shutdown begins. Although 800,000 workers will lose a paycheck or three, you guarantee them back pay. Each day that the government remains closed, you start to expose the Democratic Party for what they really are. You allow grown adults to call you names. You let distasteful journalism start to erode American trust in media.

You shoot have your trusty steed shoot down every attempt to reopen the government before it hits the Senate floor. Democrats start showing their ire, while the Republican camp backs their man.

Then you dial it up a notch.

Donald Trump – Negotiator Extraordinaire

When the State of The Union address is due to be made, you nicely ask Speaker Pelosi to allow the speech to commence. She then shuns the notion, citing lack of security.

Security checks in. There is enough Secret Service staff hanging around to protect the House and President. The notion of allowing Trump to carry forth the good message of prosperity and upcoming work ruminates in the minds of the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, you tell your faithful Twitter followers to spread a new motto: Build A Wall & Crime Will Fall. It filters down into mainstream media, causing a ruckus all over Twitter.

The next day, Speaker Pelosi announces that the speech will not happen. Finally, Trump concedes and agrees to hold the message to the Free World after the shutdown.

Now Trump retreats back to his camp.

Fortune Favors the Bold

At this point, you are probably wonder how conceding to a catty House Speaker could be deemed a victory.

Exposing the Democratic Party weaknesses is what this is all about. He is breaking down the very values which democracy needed overhauled in the first place.

And it is working perfectly.

The wall will be built, and the deal master will emerge victorious, stamping his 2020 bid and perhaps another term.


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