Media Bias Is Destroying America. Not Trump.

Media Bias Is Destroying America. Not Trump.

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Swimming in the media’s massive pool of deception is the truth. It’s time to uncover it.

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Tired of rampant media bias? It’s time to disavow slanted media.

Contravening whatever standards remain in today’s journalism, droves of media outlets are looking for their next clickbait headline. The premise for their story barely needs substance; in fact, the entire story could be chock full of Trump tweets and whatever nonsensical banter the ‘journalist’ finds appropriate for their piece.

Don’t believe me? Read most of Slate, Vox and similar anti-Trump content farms vying for their next viral piece. By all accounts, 99% of what you’ll read on their sites is mindless drivel – even the garbage behind their premium content paywalls.

Media bias has never been stronger since Trump took office. And it only takes a second look at Obama’s administration to validate this frequently contested fact, although the media outlets in charge of whitewashing Trump since his campaign began would beg to differ.

The following image is perhaps my favorite line of insidious bullshit I’ve seen yet on any clickbait farm, clipped from a Slate piece ran in 2015:

media bias

An example of media bias, clickbaited for your pleasure.

You’re kidding me, right? Tell me what administration was responsible for the horrible Benghazi incident. Or who was responsible for directly funding the terrorists Trump has now seemingly helped ameliorate. And, if we’re getting technical, which presidency bent our Freedom of Choice rights over the hood by forcing people to insure themselves, or face financial punishment?

Oh wait. You’re probably remembering the same president that snatched up $1 trillion in stimulus money and didn’t create one job with it – all while bitching because his administration lacked the billions needed to improve infrastructure. Which, as you recall, was shunned by Dems when brought up by Trump.

All this, even Operation Fast and Furious which all but handed El Chapo most of the weapons found in his hideout, is virtually buried by the same media asking for your money. (hint: think Common Dreams, Think Progress, Slate, et al).

Yet Trump, with real world experience and no social media filter, is saying the things half these Democratically slanted media outlets are thinking anyway. He’s doing everything which Obama failed to do, including staring Kim Jong-un until he decided to at least entertain denuclearization.

Containing media bias means understanding the truth

Most blogs asking for support for their…uh…’journalism’ employ delusional stringers looking to build traction by any means necessary, even if that means writing ‘vitriol-filled’ op-ed pieces. In many cases, these are trust fund babies with smart mouths and only the bare minimum skills required to get posts past editorial review.

Problems arise when the truth we all deserve to hear becomes slanted to favor one’s personal interests.

I get it. Websites need ad revenue and traffic to assuage their investors.

The problem arises when the truth is distorted to fit an agenda, because it benefits nobody. Putting articles into circulation just to ‘get a rise’ out of readers or those with opposing beliefs gets nothing done. It brings us nowhere near as close as we’ll need to be as society evolves. In fact, purposely penning bullshit divides a nation Trump is trying to bring together.

Another problem with distorting facts is the residual effects it has on our children. This is huge, and takes away the focus of a nation.

Finally, by creating disingenuous content for mass audiences, you’re imposing an alternative reality to those who are comfortable hearing the truth.

Something to consider

If you found this article, it’s probably because you’re curious as to why media outlets slaughter society when things are going well, but back off when we’re in dire straits.

Here’s the answer.

Major news outlets and blog sites aren’t making money when we’re happy, content, and full of life. That’s when the clickbait bullshit hits hardest – as you’re seeing now with Trump. However, when you’re miserable, content farms and PAC’s (which, arguably, sites like Slate could be loosely considered) have backed off because ‘happy, go-lucky’ posts don’t monetize well.

Interested in preserving Trump’s legacy? Disavow the clickbait crap destroying America.


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