No Sitting POTUS Has Met a North Korean Leader. Ever.

No Sitting POTUS Has Met a North Korean Leader. Ever.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets Trump. Yes, it’s a pretty big deal.

You’d have to go eight years into our storied past – before the 9/11 tragedy – to revisit Bill Clinton’s diplomatic victory that freed two journalists from North Korea’s unkempt prison system. Despite Clinton’s successful mission, nothing was accomplished by way of denuclearization. If you recall just prior to the journalist’s release, six world powers met, with talks ending in a stalemate.

Prior to that, Jimmy Carter attempted to solidify Washington’s unwavering goal of bringing North Korean figureheads back to the bargaining table. Groundwork was laid, “Agreed Framework” was signed to freeze the Hermit Nation’s nuclear program, and Pyongyang seemed to be back in compliance with world powers’ demands to stop tinkering with plutonium.

The Agreed Framework broke down in 2002. U.S. presidents ‘toyed’ with the notion sitting down with North Korean leader Kim Jong il up until his passing in 2011.  Then Il’s fiery little son, Kim Jong Un, took over an already oppressed nation hermitized from humanity, Sweden being U.S.’s only consular point of contact.

So, here we are. Dotard versus Rocket Man.

The meeting itself will be of epic proportions, even if it’s off North Korean soil. That’s because no sitting U.S. leader dared to lock minds, eyes and hands to make something work. The country that controls seemingly every move it’s residents makes thrives off solidarity, or so the last two leaders would have you think.

Trump, already embroiled in scandal, potential corruption and attempting everything possible to appease the Americans he wants to make great again, could use a successful summit. Singaporeans will surely welcome both leaders, but which Trump will actually show up?

Are North Korean futures at stake? Possibly.

This preliminary meeting between Trump and Un likens to that highly anticipated first date, complete with jitters. It’s possible an understanding of Washington’s demands for denuclearization and better treatment of Un’s people is placed before the DPRK leader, although you’d be hard pressed to get an oppressive leader to change his ways with a few handshakes and Singaporean hospitality.

Bear in mind you’re sitting two stubborn leaders down next to each other. One is notorious for mass starvation, incarceration for ridiculous crimes and parading his military downtown out of boredom. The other? He’s a quasi-successful business mogul who became our 45th president against the will of every educated politician in existence, an unfiltered mouth who trolls Twitter more than every teenage girl north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

No sitting POTUS has met a North Korean leader. And this is the leader that’s tasked with it.

Both leaders will be accompanied by droves of media pundits, other lesser relevant individuals, and probably someone who could overpower both should Trump wish to relive his moment of WWE glory. There will be wining, fine dining, and several thousand pages of clickbait headlines emerging from this summit, although nobody will know the outcome until these attention-grabbing leaders bring something tangible back to their constituents.

Regardless the outcome, you can bet one thing: media bias will run amok, and more than likely kill any progress.


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