Ripoff Report Is Distorted Fiction At Best

Ripoff Report Is Distorted Fiction At Best

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Ripoff Report purports to being a mouthpiece for victims of B2C shams, but after reading this, you’ll see why millions could care less what’s written on this digital bathroom wall.

Some business have three. An innocent bystander may have five. And your great-grandmother who sells knitted socks on eBay? Yes, she has three as well. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about credit cards, customers or awards – we’re referring to Ripoff Reports, an all too real website posting imaginary complaints which ruin businesses every minute.

The lifeless, soul sucking self-proclaimed consumer rights proprietor behind the operation, Ed Magedson, hides deep within his digital torture chamber, which is said to exist somewhere in the Arizona desert. If seen in public, his life may be in jeopardy at the hands of those he’s screwed.

If you are performing due diligence on any business, and find they have a Ripoff Report, fear not: we’ve researched and compiled data on this website that defies any self-purported logic Mr. Magedson professes to instill within the confines of this racketeering venture. We now pull back the curtain on this site.

Fact #1: Founder Ed Magedson is a Troublemaker

Ok, so what – he bounced some checks, got busted with weed and smoking paraphernalia, has a $30k default judgment against him, and is probably wanted by every civil process server from Walla Walla to Maine. When you’re crossing into extortion, that’s when things get really unsettling amongst businessmen. Yes, you can scan the internet and see how easily Ed Magedson has monetized others’ misery – you pay me $2k, $20k or more, and I will remove your report.

Lest we forget businesses can join Ripoff Report’s ‘Consumer Advocacy Program’ for a mere $2,000 which alters the presentation of the already fictitious report.

Fact #2: Google Elevates Ripoff Report’s SERPs to Monetize

When conducting Google searches for wholesale operations, you may find several well-known businesses under the ‘Ad’s heading at the top of the page. You may also see ads down the side, and at the bottom, of your search results. These are areas where AdWords, the flagship moneymaker for the search giant, makes an incredible amount of money since wholesale businesses will bid high to show up on page 1.

The search results, usually 2 or 3 through 10, is referred to as ‘organic traffic’, or search results which should theoretically be close to what you are looking for. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t make money off these search results – but has an uncanny way of making you click an area that will.

See, if I am looking for a doctor in Long Island, and I find a Ripoff Report on him or her, my confidence is instantly lost. However, to the right of their Google listing, I see 4-5 other doctors that are ‘legitimate’ – and is an area where Google makes money. See the pattern here? Google’s intelligent algorithm nearly forces you to change your mind, even if the doctor was a pillar in the community for 40 years with zero court litigations against them.

By changing which result you click, Google can then monetize your choice – which wouldn’t be possible without elevating some humiliating untruth to positions 2-5, or all of them, depending on if numerous defamatory statements were written about that doctor. This is how Ripoff Report thrives.

We found an excellent video portraying this process on Youtube.

Fact #3: Ripoff Report Cannot Replace Public Records

Thing logically for two seconds. If any business ‘ripped someone off substantially’, and within the same country, our judicial system would easily take the case and prosecute. Many business who’ve never seen a courtroom are victimized by Ripoff Reports because consumers aren’t prepared to take an extra step and visit their local courthouse to see if civil or criminal actions are pending or finalized against companies they wish to transact with. Again, this is what empowers Ripoff Report – and consumers are allowing this to go on.

Don’t let your regular online due diligence permanently replace common sense, people – and don’t let one person’s misguided (or sometimes ‘paid’) anger peruse your decision making to sway one direction or another.

Protecting Yourself

Now that you’ve been debriefed on Ripoff Report’s shady antics and digital sabotage, you’ve been guided here subconsciously (or by following a link) because you want indemnification that reports found online are untrue. You want peace of mind that purchases you are about to make will improve, impress and inspire. The process is simple:

  • Call the potential company and talk with someone ‘high up’. No contact information, no deal.
  • Discuss your findings; in fact, urge the owner to jump on the same page and read concurrently.
  • Ask for full disclosure of any civil or criminal proceedings against the company. Cross-check with their local courthouse.

When they come back clean, you can assure that any Ripoff Reports found online are the direct product of someone’s deranged character who is several hours late in taking their Prozac meds.

To summarize, fellow consumer, keep in mind that:

  • Ripoff Reports mean little on the grand scale of ecommerce. They are, for the lack of a better term, a lonely man’s sick joke.
  • Ripoff Report owner and convicted felon, Ed Magedson, is an uncouth troglodyte preying on successful businesses because his own failed ventures have obviously cost him dearly.
  • Ripoff Report owner cannot be reached for comment. In fact, Ed cannot be reached by civil process servers, denizens of pissed business owners or the FBI. That, in itself, should tell you how much trust should be instilled into this website.
  • Google endows Ripoff Report with precious search rankings because without them, AdWords would take an incredible hit.       The man speaking in the video link above accurately dubbed this the humiliation algorithm.
  • Plenty of horrific truths exist about Ed Magedson online, sort of ironic for a man who earns a substantial (albeit undeserving) income off untruths.

This article summarizes information easily found online about an individual, company and ideology of an arguably illegal nature should anyone with sinister mindsets wish to believe Ripoff Report is a tool of salvation as opposed to destruction.

A side note: Bing and Yahoo do not operate unscrupulously when it comes to search algorithms; perhaps they’re on to the small business racketeering games these self-purported ‘scam busters’ are playing?


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