The Tuesday of Truth Is Unfortunately Upon Us

The Tuesday of Truth Is Unfortunately Upon Us

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An 18-month mudslinging fest enmeshed in scandal, foul language and voting fraud comes down to one twisted Tuesday where Americans will choose the next leader of the free world.

Like the child of two divorced parents, America has become somewhat confused and wholeheartedly scared of its future on earth. In one corner, you have Hillary Clinton attempting to solidify her place in the history books by becoming the first woman to successfully secure presidency. In the other, you have Donald Trump attempting to become the first billionaire with absolutely no political experience to lead the free world. Quite frankly, I do not see a clear-cut winner coming out of this historic election – but I do see millions of pissed off Americans regardless who wins.

Speaking of winners, let’s break down what could happen Tuesday when a winner is declared:

If Hillary wins…

The centerpiece of Hillary’s campaign has been children. Bettering education, making health care affordable for all while creating more higher education opportunities beyond high school for some of her key points in racing out to such a substantial summertime lead over Trump.

However, what many voters fail to realize is that her tax plan would obliterate small businesses, the middle class and essentially continue the downward spiral started by the Obama administration. Instead of making domestic job security the focus of a nation in dire need of sweeping reform, Clinton will force even more jobs to land overseas.

Today’s larger media outlets, even WikiLeaks, have made apparent that shall gain more financially for her foundation and personal use through her presidency, which could be amplified if we end up with a Democratically controlled House and Senate.

In other words, if Clinton winds up winning, Americans will end up losing their asses in some regard or another.

If Trump wins…

I don’t think Americans really know what to expect if Trump comes out victorious Tuesday. Sure, we all speculate he’ll begin booting foreigners out of the country, tax the hell out of individuals making more than $250,000 yearly, give a generous hike to the minimum wage all while planning a massive invasion of ISIS strongholds. His business sense may come in handy, but his lack of diplomacy may hurt us.

We do know he’s a strong proponent of doing more for our veterans, and will also make it rather difficult (if not expensive) for companies to ship jobs overseas given the fact he’s trying to “make America great again”.

Many people have vowed to denounce their citizenship if he gets elected. Needless to say, I won’t be one of them, although I will be cautiously optimistic his tenure in office will bring about much-needed changes in our financial and social infrastructures.

Some fun guesses regarding Tuesday

The gauntlet will be thrown. All bets are off. Between Governor races, Senate races and piss-poor media coverage, Tuesday will sure generate a massive viewer audience.

Here are some fun guesses as to what will happen while the final votes are counted:

  • Hillary Clinton announces to Donald Trump, “You’re fired!”
  • Donald Trump grabs his wife by the ______.
  • Another email scandal will erupt midway through the ballot counting
  • Vladimir Putin will have hackers delete Trump tax records
  • The Clinton Foundation will tell on its founder

Regardless what happens on Tuesday, let’s all try to get along because we know the candidates won’t. Ever.


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