Trump Confident DPRK Will Denuclearize Despite Recent Weapon Tests

Trump Confident DPRK Will Denuclearize Despite Recent Weapon Tests

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TOKYO – During his visit to Japan, President Trump showed little emotion when asked about recent weapon tests conducted by Kim Jong-un but remained confident the North Korean leader would denuclearize.

Trump tweeted during his visit that “North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me”, much to the dismay of his Twitter following. He took the opportunity to appreciate Kim Jong-un for blasting Joe Biden as “an individual with low IQ”.

Earlier this month, DPRK carried out two tests in an obvious show of frustration that talks have hit an impasse. In less than one week, North Korea had performed two missile tests over the East Sea.

Officials in Washington and Seoul have shown inconsistency in their assessment of these firings. Pentagon identified them as ballistic missiles banned under the UNSC agreement while South Korean officials are unsure what missile types were fired.

Security Advisor John Bolton stated there was “no doubt” tests performed by Kim Jong-un violated the UNSC. Despite the unapproved tests, Washington remains optimistic a resolution can be reached provided the DPRK leader “walks through that door”.

The United States have done their part in straining talks. After a North Korean ship was seized for purportedly moving coal and other materials in direct violation of United Nations and U.S. sanctions on the hermit nation.

In a recently released KCNA article, the DPRK blames American policymakers for their unwillingness to fully denuclearize. North Korean leaders urge Washington to alter its approach to negotiation by adding “a new method of calculation” should they wish to continue dialoguing with the DPRK.

Trump has planned a visit to South Korea is later in June to discuss how North Korea can denuclearize safely, along with other issues with an alliance. South Korean President Moon Jae-in and other leaders will be on hand during that meeting.


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