TSA To Allow Passengers To Bring Some Forms Of CBD Oil In...

TSA To Allow Passengers To Bring Some Forms Of CBD Oil In Baggage

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WASHINGTON – Passengers who endured long flights without medical marijuana or other approved CBD-derived medications can now bring certain types of CBD oil and another FDA approved drug derived from marijuana in checked baggage, according to a new TSA rule change.

“Products/medications that contain hemp-derived CBD or are approved by the FDA are legal as long as it is produced within the regulations defined by the law under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018,” reads the TSA website’s What Can I Bring page.

Prior to this change, marijuana in all forms was outlawed on all flights, including inside checked luggage.

But on May 26, the Transportation Security Administration updated their website based on information they learned about Epidiolex and other federally approved CBD oil products.

TSA officials note that while they screen for weapons and other items which can cause harm to passengers and flight crew, drugs found during the screening process will be turned over to local law enforcement.

If individuals are unsure whether their CBD oil will pass through screening, it is best to leave that product at home. Oils that contain THC and other cannabis-infused items are still illegal under federal law.

TSA agents are trained to spot obvious illegalities, but it is unclear how they will treat CBD oils and Epidiolex that do not have accompanying prescriptions or are not on the banned list.

Travelers Ditch $960,105 at TSA Checkpoints in 2018

If you left loose change or currency at TSA checkpoints in 2018, congratulations – you just purchased training for agents across the country.

According to a Transportation Security Administration press release, just under $1 million was ditched by passengers rushing off to catch flights across the world.

While the TSA makes every effort to reunite people with lost property, it is difficult to track down the owner of loose change and currency unless a wallet or purse accompanies lost money. Illegal drugs, such as marijuana nad most CBD oils, are not returned.

Congress gave the TSA the ability to use unclaimed funds to provide civil aviation security back in 2005.


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