In Canada, It’s All About the Visas

In Canada, It’s All About the Visas

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Having children or grandchildren living as citizens in Canada qualifies the parents or grandparents to receive a super visa which is a visitor’s pass that can last up to two (2) years. There is no need for renewal every year as they are good for the entire period of time. Enjoy your family anywhere they may reside in Canada by obtaining a super visa, otherwise known as simply a parent visa. These super visas differ from student visas as the latter needs to be renewed every year of anticipated stay.

Super Visas in Canada

Several key factors are taken into account as to whether a parent visa is granted; below we have outlined some things to take into account before applying for a super visa.

  • A super visa application must be from a true parent or grandparent of a person or persons living as Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • You must meet normal Canadian admissibility requirements in order for super visa consideration to have chance of approval.
  • Determination of admissibility is fairly judged by a visa officer who will take length of stay, purpose of visit and other factors into account when granting or denying a super visa.
  • Obtaining adequate medical coverage may be a requirement as well as proof of financial means for the entire period of the stay. Actual rules regarding this can be obtained from FMA Immigration Services upon request.
  • Initial medical examination may be required by the visa officer.
  • Extending or changing your status (i.e. permanent resident) must be done 30 days before your super visa is set to expire. This is to allow for consideration of your new status and any applications to have time for approval to be granted so new status can be recognized.

Having the opportunity to visit your children who may live in Canada is exciting, and we welcome you in advance to this great country with such sights as the CN Tower in Toronto, Canadian Rockies, Northwest Territories, Shania Twain and so much more.  Now let’s learn about work visas as they apply to super visas in Canada.

Work Visas in Canada

When the time comes to come to Canada for work, you’ll need to fill out an application for work in Canada, simply known by work permits to the government. Albeit temporary assignment or even permanent placement on Canadian soil, the work permits application process is a necessity to have the correction permissions to travel into Canada to find work.

Permits to work in Canada are relatively easy to obtain and, with all of your papers in order, the application for work in Canada will be quick and painless. Below are some simple expectations when you have come to a point in your career that the need for a work permit is necessary to keep your position or to move up the corporate ladder:

  • Work permit applicant needs to have a passport along with one (1) additional identification document. This part is nearly mandatory for everyone and hard to get around.
  • Display having good health. While this is a ‘relative’ requirement, be prepared to accompany a medical examination before your application for work is considered – in most cases.
  • Have adequate means of financially supporting yourself and any family you bring with you.
  • Be able to pass security clearance – work permits are issued to people without serious criminal convictions; should you have doubts, you need to contact us immediately so we can get your application for work in Canada expedited and know up front if any criminal records you may have could bar you from entry.
  • Demonstrate your stay is actually going to be temporary; if you believe employment could be extended or even permanent, stop your current application for work permits research more about permanent residency status in Canada.


Many different situations could affect your actual costs for work permits and super visas; you should ask professionals in Canada or within close proximity to the area to discuss with you all options before you proceed with your application for work in Canada. Overall, working in the great nation of Canada can be a rewarding experience as we have plenty of great things to do when the work day is done.


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