Chinese Dog Breeder Gets 10 Days in Jail for Illegally Naming Dogs

Chinese Dog Breeder Gets 10 Days in Jail for Illegally Naming Dogs

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ANHUI PROVINCE – A Chinese dog breeder in from the eastern part of the country was detained by police after giving his two dogs “illegal” names that refer to government and civil service workers.

The man in his 30’s named Ban was summoned by police on Monday after posting information about the dogs, named Chengguan and Xieguan, to friends on popular Chinese messaging app WeChat, according to the Xiangyang City Council.

The dog’s names ended up attracting controversy because “Chengguan” are officials employed in urban areas to tackle low-level crime, while “Xieguan” are informal community workers such as traffic assistants, according to the BBC.

Mr. Ban, the Chinese dog breeder in question, gave the dogs the names “for fun”, but the authorities have failed to see the funny side – particularly with regards the former.

The Yingzhou Police said that they had immediately launched an investigation into the man, who they say had issued “insulting information… against law enforcement personnel”.

They added that “in accordance with the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China Law on Public Security”, he must spend 10 days in an administrative detention center in the city of Xiangyang.

Some users have been joking that Mr. Ban was detained for “suspected subversion of state power” or “revealing state secrets”, implying that chengguan are actually dogs.

Parents of Chinese dog breeder?

If you thought Chinese dog breeder laws were insane, imagine the fine you could receive for alienating your parents.

One law still on the books in China requires grown children to visit their elderly parents. Although the frequency of required visits is open for speculation, I would not test the police.


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