ISIS, Obama, Ukraine Headline NATO Summit

ISIS, Obama, Ukraine Headline NATO Summit

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Newport, Wales – As Russian forces continue imposing their will amidst a Moscow-issued cease fire, much of the world is turning their attention to the ISIS regime and their second beheading, wondering just how much President Obama will bend before an all-out assault is ordered.  While the NATO has indicated their willingness to fund a peaceful resolve in Ukraine, reports of ISIS sects taking pilgrimage along the Mexican border is causing panic that many hope Obama is prepared to quell.

An imminent threat to Texas and much of southern United States involves an ISIS partnership with MS-13, a Mexican drug cartel known for their violence and vast network inside America.  A pairing of these two forces could put more pressure on Obama to make sweeping changes to our American-Mexican border that many believe should include a deeper military presence.  The U.S. Army 1st Armored Division, located on the Texas-New Mexico border in Fort Bliss, is frighteningly close to these terrorist cells forming in Mexico.  These and many more contingencies should be discussed in candid detail amongst worldwide leaders during the NATO summit.

During his recent Estonian visit enroute to the Summit, Obama indicated his resolve was ‘stiffened’ and that America’s long arm of justice would be invoked to help remind fellow citizens that ‘we never forget’.  Although it will undoubtedly take time before ISIS is thoroughly analyzed, some are wondering whether Obama’s resolve is truly as aggressive as it should be.  Freelance journalist and Time contributor Steve Sotloff was just one of many casualties – or sacrifices – of a war ISIS is warning America to stay out of.  After the first beheading of James Foley, Obama publicly responded to the death – then went to play golf.

Among other items on the itinerary during the two-day summit include Afghanistan, Ukraine and the ISIS crisis.  The Wall Street Journal reports worldwide leaders will be agreeing on a Readiness Action Plan that will entail the development of a special NATO force comprising of several thousand troops with the ability to respond within two days of any crisis notice.  It’s also expected that NATO, as a whole, will finally address the issue of a declining military spending habit.

Signing ceremony for the Danish Precision Guided Munitions Initiative, along with a bilateral meeting between the NATO Secretary General and the President of Georgia, are just some of the marquee NATO events according to their event program. This year’s summit is expected to be the largest gathering of worldwide leaders on British soil, according to the United Kingdom government.  As seen in the photo, over 9,000 policemen are on patrol for this event.


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